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How to Better Streamline Your Social Media Management

How to Better Streamline Your Social Media Management

if you are a small business entrepreneur like me chances are you are still struggling to streamline different aspects of social media scheduling. While juggling with various business related tasks and most of all some or another unforeseen task waiting to disturb the plan that you have in mind for the day . I can totally understand that how frustrating it can become to manage social media.

I sometimes wished and hoped that I had grown enough to hire a VA who is hired JUST to handle my social media accounts for me . I totally get it , while trying to grow our business we miss on the great returns social media can bring in  if handled methodically and regularly.

Are you a small biz owner hoping that you could hire a VA to manage your social media for you , but cant afford at the moment. I have good news for you , You have a VA for your social media tasks !! err maybe not for free but for a wonderfully manageable cost !. I am talking about my recent new love , a social media and your blog management tool. CoSchedule is an all-in-one marketing calendar that brings your content and social media in the same place. It’s your unified marketing calendar of record!

Some of the key features of CoSchedule are

  • Drag-And-Drop Marketing Calendar

  • Easy Social Media Scheduling

  • Easy Workflow Management For Your Marketing Team

  • Easily Re-Schedule Old Blog Content

  • Works Great With WordPress

  • Manage Google Docs Content

  • Manage Evernote Content

  • Convert Evernote & Google Docs Content To WordPress

  • Lot’s Of Intergrations That Will Simplify Your Life

Lets get a bit more detailed overview of these features.

Drag-And-Drop Marketing Calendar

Yes it is possible ! indeed , with CoSchedule drag and drop feature you can simply re-arrange your marketing calendar. Move around your scheduled posts and the full social media posts control.



Easy Social Media Scheduling

The best thing about CoSchedule is that as you can manage all of your content using drag-and-drop simplicity. Things get really yummy when you can schedule upto the coming month or say a year! , keep those posts evergreen. Plan them out for the full month and ahead and just sit back and see them rolling at designated times. Good news is there is no limit to number of posts .

In the image below you can see that how it is easy for me to even get an overview of the full social media schedule. You can also assign tasks for your posts .

Easy Workflow Management For Your Marketing Team

Now I dont have a marketing team and that is why I am loving the ability of this tool , but if still however you decide to handover the task to someone else then the whole management process becomes so easy. You can assign tasks from inside CoSchedule and then see which one of your team member is where at his / her tasks.

Easily Re-Schedule Old Blog Content Works Great With WordPress.

And then while you are working on a new post or you want to re-schedule old content you can easily see how well the posts have performed or posts that need to be shared. That my friend is a priceless tool when it comes to creating evergreen content.

With this amazing WordPress plugin, you can save a ton of time and grow your traffic by scheduling social media promotion right from WordPress while you blog! CoSchedule is the the marketing calendar that WordPress has been missing.

Manage Google Docs/Evernote Content

if you are like me , who hates to write inside wordpress ? this clever tool can connect seamlessly to your Google Docs or Evernote content and convert it to your wordpress post.

CoSchedule integrates with WordPress, Evernote, Google Docs, Google Analytics and major social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, and even Google+ Pages.

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below is an overview walkthrough shared by CoSchedule if you are interested in learning about it more then check this out. Oh ! and if you click through any of my links you will get 14days trial.

Would you like to streamline your Social Media Management? Check out CoSchedule . If this tool can work for me it will work for you too 🙂 . Which tools do you use and recommend I would love to know share in comments below.

20 Free Logo Mockup PSD Templates for designers

20 Free Logo Mockup PSD Templates for designers

Logo mockup templates are layered PSD files that are editable . And are a great way to represent your design to your client. It is best that client gets a visual on how the logo will look when printed. Since Logo iteself is a visual representation of a brand and the client is already expecting a Visual outcome from your side , a logo mockup rightly created increases a chance of being approved.

The best Logo Mockup file should be realistic , well layered and easy to use even for a novice graphic designer. I have complied a list of Free Logo Mockup PSDs that i found very useful. hope this helps you get some projects finalized.

Gold Letterpress Logo Mockup



Logo MockUps – Paper Edition



Wood engraved logo mockup



Paper Letterpress Logo Mockup PSD






Free Retro Badge Logo Design



Hanging Wall Sign MockUp



Free Logo/Text Mock-up – Paint On Wood

p197 (1)


Free Logo/Text Mock-up – Watercolor Painting

free logo mocokup watercolor effect


Vintage Logo Mockup



Close-Up Logo Mock-ups



Spot UV Logo MockUp



Embroidered Logo MockUp



Natural Paper Printed Logo MockUp



Free Vintage Logo Mock-Up



PSD Paper Logo Mock-Up



Engraved Wood MockUp



Luxury Wedding Logo Mockups



Close Up Logo Mock-Up



Vintage Logo MockUp PSD





My 10 New Year Resolutions as a Struggling Artist

My 10 New Year Resolutions as a Struggling Artist

#Done-it! (1)

1- Get inspired 

I know there is sometimes a very thin line between getting inspired and sometimes you are sure to adopt it as is . The aim of an artist when looking for inspiration should be to “LIKE” some “WAYS” another artist works . Then try to incorporate those “WAYS” into their own work but NOT as is. I hope that makes sense!

As for me as an artist “I will get inspired”

2- Create or Develop further on my Style

Defination of “STYLE” can be very confusing just like getting “inspiration” . A style is something which you as an artist feels comforatble doing , and you are best at it . One can not copy or incorporate a style of another artist no matter how hard they try. In my openion a style doesnt come in a day or two it developes and flourishes from inspirations.

As for me as an artist” I will find what i am really good at and will work on it more”

3- Find my Style

Aha ! sometimes or most of the times we are struggling especially when we have just started working full time as an artist. trying to really have that AHA moment. The AHA moment is when you have found your style or maybe part of it . So look out for that AHA moments , stick to them !

Many AHA’s will combine togather to form a style .

As for me as an artist” Find that AHAs”

4-Write a blog post every week.

Well thats a tricky and hardest one for me , when i initially started blogging i had that full time drive to write . I wrote many Tutorials , blog posts and what not . At one time i was managing around 4 blogs in all. I had that drive to write , pasion to share . I lost it 🙁

For me that happened when i got overwhelmed ! dont do it … take one thing at a time to work on , baby steps i tell you … 🙂

As for me as an artist ” Write and publish atleast one blog post every week”

I will try to get back there but this time …. slowly.

5- Read more.

Reading opens up and sharpens a mind. Read often , read more . Not only the blog posts of another artist , articles by Artists but on various subjects. May range from Art in general to religion , philosophy , life sciences , technology and more.

As for me I will try to ” Read and get inspired ”

6- Explore and learn and practice

As Exploration and learning is important for a child growing up , i think in the same way an artist who is struggling is a child new to the world of Art and will only learn through exploration and learning .

Next step would be to incorporate what is learned into practice .

As for me i will “Explore and implement through practice”

7- A new artwork every week

The Exploration and learning has no home until it is put into practice . For an artist putting into practice is both Time demanding , need practice , need patience and needs a Get it Done approach.

As for me i will ” Create a new Artwork every week ”

PS and have it finished too!

8- Get social.

Yes by social i mean not only social on social networking sites , but also reaching out to local galleries , local art groups and more. Make friends on Social networking sites like Facebook , Instagram and twitter. Make friends with people that you can connect with and that connection not only keeps your mind at peace ( a requirement to create art ) . And also this will help you so much to get inspired and create more.

As for me “Get organized plan a social plan”

9- Create and achieve a monthly challenge.

Challenge yourself to achieve a bigger task broken into smaller tasks  . For instance if you are challenging yourself to have an art exhibit by the end of the year . Start acting now! challenge yourself to create 3-4 artworks per month the try to achieve a challenge that is small.

Break your bigger dream into small achievable challenges that you can achieve.

Good to make a list

As for me “Make a todo list of baby challenges that will finalize into bigger Target”

You may follow me on social networks for this i will be posting about my challenges hashtag-ed as #Doneitnow2015

10- Get it done!

I tell you twice while writing this post i was just about to leave it for later and finish at another time , but then , i am committing myself this year to have a Get it Done approach . I held myself up by the collar not to leave the screen until this one gets done .

There are tons of works in my drive that were left in between their progress and believe me 80% chances are there that you will not return back to it , as an artist you will have a new inspiration next time and you will be starting to work on the new inspiration! . So just Get it done Now!

As for me ” Just Get it Done Now” #Doneitnow2015

See my latest posts on social media tagged #Doneitnow2015 Join the conversation!

Believe me with all these in place you will now have a very peaceful sleep knowing that you did your best. Thats what matters the most. Do you agree with me on these? Do you have some points of your own through which other struggling artist like me also can benifit ? dont forget to share your thoughts in comments.

12 Amazing Vintage Public Domain Free Stock Photo Websites

12 Amazing Vintage Public Domain Free Stock Photo Websites

A while back i shared 16 Stock photo websites that you can sell your digital photography or graphic design skills . But sometimes you need graphics for your projects . Below is a list of some of useful free stock photo sites that I have found and bookmarked over the years.

Public Domain Archive Free Stock Photo


An interesting collection of stock photo images though the site doesn’t have a large database of images but they do post a weekly free image for download. The site has a Vintage images section right from the home page , a Weekly free image link and modern images link.

The British Library on Flickr

12 vintage stock photo image websites

The British Library on Flickr has released thousands of stock photo images into the public domain . There are lots of useful decorative accents and elements for digital collage or such . The sizes are various they can be easily incorporated into your artworks as parts of a one whole artwork. Can be used for adaptive and derivative works. stock photo images

12 vintage stock photo image websites

Here you can get linked to all the photo archives of different US government organizations like NASA, US Fish and Wildlife, and the Library of Congress. It’s a lot to go through and find something perfect for your need as lot of redundant images are posted but it’s going to be one of the more reliable sources out there for finding public domain images

Some of these photos are in the public domain or U.S. government works and may be used without permission or fee. However, some images may be protected by license or copyright. You should read the disclaimers on each site before using these images.

Flickr Common

12 vintage stock photo image websites

A big library of public domain images the site shares hidden treasures from the world’s public photography archives. some of these valuable archives are by public libraries and museums . The images are there as they have expired and fall into public domain. Again you might need some time out to browse the site . Good idea would be to create your own sets of images while you browse.

Public Domain Pictures

12 vintage stock photo image websites

A useful repository of free public domain images , free download high quality HD photos you can even share your own and become part of the community. For Commercial Use , please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release .

PD Photos

12 vintage stock photo image websites is a repository for free public domain photos. Unless something is clearly marked as being copyrighted, you can assume it is free to use. But if you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that standards for such use are higher. Specifically, you should assume no model release was obtained. And pictures featuring products or property should be used with care. The photos are here to be used, but I don’t want you to get either of us in trouble over it.

Old Book Illustrations

12 vintage stock photo image websites

This site is dedicated to providing our visitors with a wide range of illustrations scanned from old books. Most of these vintage pictures are originally wood engravings or woodcuts, fewer are etchings or metal engravings; if you are looking for nineteenth century or victorian clipart, you might just find it here.

Some bonus Links that are equally image rich!

Important lincesing info :

All Images provided on Public Domain Archive are bound to Creative Commons Deed CC0. You are free to adapt and use the Images for commercial purposes without attributing the original author or source. 

Generally, works in the public domain, including images, can be used without restriction. However, determining if a work or image is in fact in the public domain can be challenging,  there is always the possibility, however small, that an image on this site is in fact not in the public domain and has been erroneously included in their collections. So make sure if you are using an image for commercial purpose you do your homework on the image still.

My Top 5 free vector illustrations and resources downloads

My Top 5 free vector illustrations and resources downloads

Time for a review of my website , some of the free downloads are just hitting ceilings , and if you have been missing these , now is your time to grab them.

Here is a list of top 5 free vector resources downloads from Aivault blog. Check them out and thanks for loving these.

Drips and splatters Vector Symbols Library

24 drips and spray symbols library

9046 Downloads and still counting


Free illustration Friday : Rope Brushes

Rope Brushes

3319 Downloads and still counting


34 Cool Pencil Shading Sketch Doodles!

34 Cool Pencil Shading Sketch Doodles!

34 Cool Pencil Shading Sketch Doodles!

3138 Downloads and still counting


Pretty Paisleys Vector Pack


Pretty Paisleys Vector Pack

2530 Downloads and still counting


Scare me little monster doodles

Scare me little monster doodles

2353 Downloads and still counting

{Freelance Freedom } 7 websites to sell your graphic designs and illustrations

{Freelance Freedom } 7 websites to sell your graphic designs and illustrations

I believe that every designer , graphics or illustration , painter or draftsman needs to spread their work . Everyone has a desire to get acknowledged and be praised. For an Artist when someone appreciates your work by deciding to purchase it , in my opinion , is another praise well received.

Knowing that someone owns your artwork , taking some special place in someones home or life is just such a wonderful happy thought for me . Knowing that someone purchased your artwork to gift someone is another big big praise of your work . I love it when i receive another sale mail in my mailbox . Everyone wants some extra income , but for me it is a little note of love that someone liked your work so much to share it with someone special in their lives OR to use it as part of their life.

There are many websites out there through which you can take baby steps towards the tower of licensing your art to big companies for bigger projects.

There are  also many website providing  printing services  which you can also avail to get a great deal on if deciding to have your items printed and sell a physical item .

i get asked often that how can i further branch out and start selling my work , So i thought i will share with you some website from where you can start.

Here are few of them

Lovely website and lovely collection of Artistic cards , Card Gnome just recently started and after their successful launch said goodbye to many artists as well in order to keep quality work online . A nice start to sell your designs.

I love the diversity of product options you have here , you can even have multiple stores which link up to one account making it easy to start a store selling a specific line of products , and creating and selling more products using the same images through another store linked to the same account , pretty neat ! For me i started with Printmeaparty and then Asmaamurad , and very quickly became a pro seller!.

I did make an account here , site looks friendly and very similar to zazzle but didnt continue posting my work there. Here as well you can create products and sell.

A very creative community of artist including but not limited to craft of every kind , sewing , knitting , art , art prints you name it !

Another one of my favourite venture , Etsy is a pretty nice site to sell your physical as well as digital products . For me my illustration and graphics store has been well taken and doing very good.

Another site similar to Etsy and Artfire , you will find product of every kind , you can choose to sell digital or physical products , this one is better than Etsy or Artfire as the Digital file delivery is automated .

Still needs some exploration from my side , as of actually using it for selling but the site looks promissing if you are interested in selling your artwork on cards and expression line.

Do you know or use any of the above mentioned services? if yes how are your returns and expectations?

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