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photo credits © Photographer: Bigio | Agency: Dreamstime.com
First of all it has been soooooooooooo long since i last wrote ! in ages right! , well i have been writing this little post for a while now and i think it is now time to have it published!!
Aivault regular readers might already know that i am an illustration artist who is selling her work through different stock sites. My Journey towards where i am is a very interesting one atleast for me 🙂 . When i started off i had no guide that lead me into selling my work . I was working in a telecom company where i was hired to create seasonal promos and ads , since the job was very seasonal i spent my time exploring sites and pretty much just browsing for cool creative and artistic stuff. At some point i stumbled upon stockexpert’s free image site sxc.hu  , which slowly led me into submitting my application to the main site Stockexpert in order to start selling a few of my illustrations.  Since i always created my own illustrations for the job i had in hand , and since i was a self taught graphic designer i had no idea that there were sites selling illustrations and photographs that you can actually buy and then incorporate into my work … hmm funny right ? 🙂 So , in short i when i sold my first illustration through Stockexpert i was so excited! , although the money in return was not that much at that time but it was great knowing that i can really become independent! One of my very first illustrations  is infact my best selling one and in a period of two years this single image has returned over $1000 ! and is still selling .

World kids 1 © Photographer: One8edegre | Agency: Dreamstime.com

This image is available through Dreamstime , shutterstock , 123RF , Crestock and my own store Aifactory
Soon after my initial submissions i had a questions are there other sites where i can sell same images? answer was definitely yes! . At that time i had just started working on illustrator and i was so thrilled to create more images that i started looking for tutorial sites to help me in the process , and really i found not many that showed me how to use simple basic tools!. So this lead me to creating a blog ie Aivault.com where i started writing tutorials  , and besides that started offering free illustrations every friday. The formula was so simple and it worked like a charm! . Pretty soon the ad space on Aivault.com was returning me $250 in ads space. and around 5000-6000 visitors daily! which could have been better if only i was keen at returns from the tutorial site which was at that time one of the very few around. This  ad revenue was Not much but i was happy doing what i liked and being rewarded in return. Here is one more point that i would like to mention that basically i am painter and all i learned was through exploration and dedication. I knew nothing of computers beyond using msn and browsing for interesting sites or resources to gather inspirations and looking at the works of painters , and artist. Gradually i taught myself , wordpress , how to install , how to handle database , SEO and what i had no idea i would be doing ! 🙂 pretty soon i wanted to sell my work independently aivault now has a store attached to it where i am selling pretty much the same work i am selling at stock sites . But the point is It is mine! I am writing this short story just to move on to the main concept of this post which is how YOU can sell YOUR  illustration and work and here i would like to share a few of my experiences , which i learned the hard way ….

What are stock illustrations? The artist on an open-air

Photo credits © Photographer: Flycat | Agency: Dreamstime.com
Stock photography or Stock illustrations is a term that refers to photographs or Vector illustrations that can be licensed for public or commercial use, which are usually found on professional stock photography websites. These are photographs that can be used for any purpose in marketing, advertising, or design, as long as it is not illegal or harmful. Rather than shoulder the expense of hiring a photographer to take unique photos, many advertising companies,graphic designers, web designers, and other professionals frequently take advantage of stock photography to fill their design needs.

Becoming a stock illustration artist ?

in Order to become a successful stock illustration artist you need to have a mind willing to think For the person sitting at the other side , looking for images on a specific subject. Mostly images are used for designers who compile these images for their specific purpose , there are two ways which you can submit your works in either a fully subjective illustration , second an element to begin creating art with . here is an examples . Secondly each site has its pretty much the same files submitting rules which you must follow but there are some point when you will feel frustrated when the files are turned down because of some itsy bitsy little flaws , A while back i wrote about how to over come these little file issues in one of my posts Ultimate Handbook for illustrations for Clients also another post about Useful Plugins for illustrator might also help you a bit
Cowboy vector setCowboy card
Photo Credits © Photographer: One8edegre | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Becoming independent

I remember during my early days of learning about graphic design a friend of mine said to me , “Think independent , think of a product created in your own field which you can sell and resell ” , this advice got stuck somewhere , my mind started running in circles what can i create as a graphic designer which becomes my product?.. interesting right?… This was realized in form of Vector brushes which i released through my blog now available through store. These brushes were pretty basic ones but they got more attention than what i was expecting. While i created stock illustrations i explored illustrator and was very much facinated with the ability to create brushes and speed up the work process. Hence birth of my very first product , vector brushes !.  i created very basic brush sets for my own work process and then started selling them through Aivault.com

Embroidery Borders Vector Brushes

Floral Brush Pack :: V2

Ornate-Vector Brushes

So far the response had been great , i have made these brushes commercial use OK , which means that you can create and sell products using these brushes. stock illustrations as well. Creating these brushes was a starting point for me to launch my own store hence the birth of Aifactory . And then  after this i just find myself creating base products ie sources like photoshop brushes , frames , borders , vectors for such uses as invitation design , stock illustrations , photographer resources ,digital stamps ,  crafters resources and more and now i am hooked! and in short i am now an independent mom working from home at my own pace , while i keep an eye on my kids :). Thats what i call independence as an artist and as a graphic designer. It is not that i am limited to creating products now i receive custom illustration requests and i simply enjoy doing what i do ! no boss!! i call this my Flight of independence , but still i havent reached my targets which i have planned about .  If this has inspired you a little bit and you are interested in becoming independent artist , or a stock illustrations artist below you will find links to some of the leading stock sites.

Sites where you can sell your stock illustrations.

Here are a few sites where you can start off
you can contact me directly through contact form if you need any guidance


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