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Vector Wings

Wings Set 1
File Format: EPS FileNumber of Items in Set: 7
Size: 723 KB
Different parts of the wings can be applied multiple times to create more shaped wings let your imagination do the job!
This wing set is a collection of different shaped wings which you can use in variety of projects ie logos , grunge art or create T-Shirt designs.

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Banners & Scrolls

Scroll set 1
Set contains 10 banners and scrolls whatever you call them these are filled with a red gradient , AND additional 10 non filled banners which you can easily modify . These are clean banners place them over your artwork to give that finished look for place of text or use them in any project as you please!
File Format: EPS FileNumber of Items in Set: 10 coloured 10 plain
Size: 723 KB

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Brush Strokes

Brush Strokes Set 1
with this download you also get 20 artbrushes created using these paint strokes! Use them in variety of projects give paint stokes to your artwork . play around with brushes to created custom paint doodles! Such Fun!.
File Format: EPS File
Number of Items in Set: 32
Size: 1.6 MB
Brush strokes are custom created set which contains around 20 paint strokes ranging from cryaon effect , pencil effect and paint! . Also 12 Scribbled strokes of thick paint feel to it .

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Vector Floral Brushes


Releasing 28 floral brushes more advanced than before! Please note that this brushset included Floral V1 brushes . You will be able to create so many exciting backgrounds , designs and what not of your choice! . these Brushes are scalable will scale 100% easily with or without stroke weight , so you dont have to expand before you enlarge the size of your work! just be sure you have your work place set to scale strokes and effects from the options
File Format: ai brush file
Number of Items in Set: 28
Tutorial Using Floral Brushes | Terms of use

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