[private]The world is going crazy i mean so much and so many of those flowery florishes are seen everywhere . Here is a simple tutorial on how to make one of your own 🙂


Step 1

Draw a square , that will be the size or shape of your finished background so it really depends on you what size and dimensions do you want it doesnt really matter.


Step 2

Click and select mesh tool , here we would like to add a little light into the background so selecting a colour lighter than the shade of your selected background colour will give it a nice glow .


Step 3

You dont necessarily have to use presently available brushes , here the ones i am using are available to download from the site as well you can get them here! .


Step 4

so just select the brush of your choice and using a pencil tool draw some swirly shapes on your work board.


Step 6

Select the lines drawn , use a brush adjust it draw more lines slect anyother brush adjust it , keep playing until you get something interesting.


Step 7

Now the background seems a bit too boring lets give it a little bit of life use the pen tool and draw a wavy path somewhere .


Step 8

Now repeat and draw another path but with a different kind of wave


Step 9

Select both paths go to OBJECT>BLEND > BLENDING OPTIONS a window will pop up give some specified steps say here i have given 25 then hit ok!


Step 10

Select stroke colour go to object>BLEND , so you will get something like this!


Step 11

Choose paint brush tool pick up any othe scatter brushes and start playing around .


Step 12

It Really depends on your own creativity that how you accomplish this here is my finished product i would love to see what you come up with!


Finished image


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How to make funky illustrative backgrounds and florishes
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