Illustrations executed digitally and manually have a lot of difference in so many ways. The digitally executed illustration is a bit neater digitally. You have the upper hand of increasing it for any size and retaining its quality.
So how can one come up with a better execution of a good illustration? One can simply open a new document and start drawing and start creating. It always gives a better and cleaner illustration if you already have laid out your plan and your line of execution. Here are some steps which can help in creating and setting yourself up for creating a cleaner illustration.

Look Around you

Yes look around you the day to day happenings, feel the atmosphere. Try to conceive and capture what you see; it does depend on how YOU see things, as everybody has their own way of looking at things, their own way of feeling things try to retain that feeling. This feel of the event is your key for an illustration delivering a much stronger impact on the viewer.

Get inspiration

Somewhat same is looking around yourself, inspiration is looking at the works of other master illustrators. Of course if someone is already much better skilled at creating neater images, he or she must have gone through a process learned through their mistakes and reached a point where they can inspire. I am very much inspired by the creativity of illustration artists like Beka , Boojoo and Kristina Karika . These are a few examples of people whose work also show that they have learned by putting their effort into it.
When you get inspiration from an artist a good idea will be to try to copy their work , no I am not saying copy and show off or create rip-offs this “Copy” should be your learning process , It opens up your mind to possibilities of  a software . Makes you THINK how something like this can be achieved so when you sit creating something yourself you have successfully OPENED up your mind to exploration.

Sketch it out 

Feeling ready to create something of your Own? Start by transferring it on paper. Sketch it rub it; draw again until you get something which you like.  I was one of those who would just open up a document and start working, but since I started writing down my concept in words and then in sketches this has really affected the outcome I have achieved in the end.

Clean your sketch

Yes since we are going to execute our artwork digitally we need to get rid of extra lines and scribbles. One way can be to darken your final lines, clean up as much as you can. Then scan it, open your sketch in Photoshop adjust levels to achieve a more cleaner line area. More cleaner lines you have easier it will be for you to work on it.

Digital process

Once you have reached this point , you will use the pen tool and pen tablet , I prefer Waccom and then commence with outlining your work , cleaning up lines as you go . At this point you are most likely to develop your own working style. And COPYING will come in handy and you might want to explore the unlimited option the illustration programe has to offer.

Cleaning Out

Once you are done with your image it is time to further clean out the lines. One tip is to expand the strokes and then manually give them strength by using and pulling nodes and angels.  Next week I will talk about the basic introduction of the tools which help you the most while working on your art board. 
And if you are already comfortable with the tools go ahead show off your work! 🙂