A heart is a geometric shape and getting a perfect cute heart in illustrator is quite easy , Here i will use simple shape of a circle to modify it into a heart shape although it is not too much of a process . But i am going to show it to you step by step so you can easily understand the process of it . The Tutorial is somewhat of a novice level But since valentines day is approaching and you will be seeing hearts everywhere OR will be looking for that perfect heart to be integral part of your design . Why not make it yourself !

 Step 1


Start with Ellip tool L

Draw two circles while pressing down shift , this will ensure that you get a perfect circle.

Hold on to the alt key while selecting the first circle , which will duplicate your current shape .

Step 2


Press shift while you drag the copy towards the right , this will ensure that your circles are aligned while you move one of them. Open the path finder window ( short cut Shift+ctrl+F9 ) by going to windows > pathfinder

Step 3


Select both of your circles and hit the expand button while pressing alt . this will join both of your circles your circle will look now something like this

Step 4


Click on the direct selection tool ( Shortcut A)

Step 5


Select the node in the middle and while pressing shift bring it down a bit something like this…

Step 6


Now we need to adjust the shape of the heart . Start by deleting the two anchor points as illustrated…

Step 7


Now adjust the angles of the four anchor points as shown

We have a perfect heart shape now

Step 8

Fill it with colour of your choice

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