We are so excited to share this brush set with you . you can create so many artistic backgrounds and wallpapers or aid to your design projects . complexity brush sets give you plenty of option to use either as scatter brush or to any kind of shape , circle , square or a simple line. Play around with the stroke width to achieve different results everytime you use them.
Expand the final result by going to object > Expand appearence to be able to scale it to anysize without losing quality or effect

The possibilities of creating images is endless , keep a look out for complexity 2 as well . you can download free sample of the brushes to play around and see the quality of work you can create with it!
Preview Brush Set | Download Sample FREE|
compatable with CS2 or above
Price:- Only 10 USD |Further Details
Unzip the File. Copy the file to your Illustrator > Presets > Brushes folder.
Restart Illustrator.

Using Complexity Brushes
Load the brushes by clicking on “open brush library”.Draw acircle or a square or a line using paintbrush or pencil tool. select the brush you will like to use and adjust stroke width change the clour as you like .
PS: you can expand the design later and scale it to any size without loosing the LOOK of your final outcome


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