Floral Brush Pack :: V2



Releasing 28 floral brushes more advanced than before! Please note that this brushset included Floral V1 brushes . You will be able to create so many exciting backgrounds , designs and what not of your choice! . these Brushes are scalable will scale 100% easily with or without stroke weight , so you dont have to expand before you enlarge the size of your work! just be sure you have your work place set to scale strokes and effects from the options. Or if you prefer Expand the final result by going to object > Expand appearance to be able to scale it to any size without losing quality or effect . These brushes can take hues as well if you would like to give it a flat colour you can expand and pick and drop colours , Or if you would like to take an element out of your brush ie flower or one petal just expand and ungroup and each element can be used as a separate vector . copy paste is Adobe photoshop projects as well.
The possibilities of creating images is endless , you can download free sample of the brushes to play around and see the quality of work you can create with it!
Preveiw Brush Set | Download Sample| Sample Artwork

compatable with CS2 or above
Price:- Only 9.95 USD
Unzip the File. Copy the file to your Illustrator > Presets > Brushes folder.
Restart Illustrator.
Tutorial Using Floral Brushes | Terms of use

Get it from the Shop!! Free to download for premium members!
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