[private]It has taken me hours in the start to create a logo , Although I would still not call myself a master in logo creation but I have made many customers happy with what they have received . After years of practice one does gets at a point where he/she can achieve some short cuts. One of my short cuts is that  I keep template files when working for illustrator as there are plenty of times when you come across a similar project . There are two ways to work either you show Your aesthetics or you create what the client likes.
IF you would like to stay in the market you can not always give the version of logo that you liked the best. At this point of my career after dealing with plenty of clients my logo designing process has included another step , I initially draw three options for clients two what I like and one according to what client MIGHT like. And this MIGHT comes from the series of questions that I send to the client prior to starting the project.
This questionnaire might contain questions like what do you think a best logo is? What colors would you prefer? Examples of at least three websites that you like ? Examples of at least three logos you like ? what do you like about these sites and logos?. This saves me plenty of time and understanding of clients aesthetical requirement.

And then i open up my secret weapon that is the template file with all the shapes and font styles color pallets , co-coordinating color schemes all saved in this mama file!
Although the template file is big in itself but I start working from that file drag and drop stuff and start creating from the initial sketch. That sketch has been created before going to illustrator with the help of the input received .
Go around search the net you will find repeated shapes in the logos , a circle resembling a sphere , a swoosh resembling a speedy path a shadow to a cube , a globe!. Here are few examples as a result of entering logo images in Google .


these logos are placed for educational purpose only with no intention of hurting anyones feeling or pointing out similarity or design copy if you own anyof the above logos and would like it to be taken out kindly let me know it will takes out ASAP contact me at admin at aivault.com

You will see same shapes repeated … The point I am trying to achieve here is not that you shouldn’t be creative . My Point is be more creative and organized and prepared at your end ! Being a designer this is how you earn your money This sure is a fact that there is an artist in you who wants to be original , accept the fact that not everyone out there is an artist as original as you are. You might and can face times when you stand against the client of most typical taste and you will not always like what you have delivered at the end!. So be prepared for those as well , and how you will know that ? your initial questionnaire will help you find that out pretty easily.!
In my next posts I will explain the process further , The process of creating a sketch to the end result But THE EASY WAY
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