Tutorial making a stamp!


Tutorial Level :- Basic
Tool Practice : Blend , Expand , pathfinder

Step 1

This tutorials will show you how to use blend tool , pathfinder and expand tool and create a little stamp of your own.The following steps will take you through the process of creating one . If you find any difficulty in achieving any point you can leave a comment at the end of this tutorial.

Strat your project by creating a simple rectangle using the rectangle Tool shortcut M

Step 2

Now our next step is to create edges of the stamp like cut off… so we will start off by creating a small circle and positioning and aligning it at the corner of the rectangle. Ellipse Tool shortcut L

Step 3

Create a small circle keeping pressed the shift key this will give a perfect circle , now press the alt key and shift key while holding the first circle and move it towards right side . The Alt key will create a copy of it and the shift key will align the copy exactly in the same line.

Step 4

You have now created a copy of your small circle in the exact row our next step will be to place similar circles in between these two

Step 5

Select the both circles and go to object >Blend > Blend options you will need to specify the steps of blending .

Step 6

As the Blend options window will open it will look something like this select specified steps and also give number of your prefered steps in my case depending on the sizes of circle and rectangle i chose 6 steps.

Step 7

Now again go to Object>Blend> Make or Alt+Ctrl+B and you will have your steps in between these two circles

Step 8

6 Circles placed in between

Step 9

Copy the row by selecting pressing Alt+Shift and moving it downwards

Step 10

We need to separate and expand this line so we can specify steps for our sides . We will go to Object> Expand this will expand the line as separate circle objects.

Step 11

You will see that all the circles are now grouped right click and ungroup

Step 12

Select the far right two circles of the corner and repeat the steps . Object > Blend > Blend options

Specify steps then object > Blend> make. Repeat for both sides. Then open up the Pathfinder window and while selecting all click on Subtract from Shape area.

Step 13

This is the shape you will get

Step 14

Go to expand appearence which will get rid of all the extra hidden lines .

Step 15

Now we will give it some effects , go to effect > stylize > drop shadow

Step 16

Place your favourite image on top and whatever text as you please! Here you have it your own personalized vector stamp!

The source file can be downloaded from here![/private]

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