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It has been a while since i posted a FREE ILLUSTRATION , i must admit that for nearly last 2-3 weeks there was no FREE ILLUSTRATION for you to download so just to make it upto you. Here is a set of FREE BUTTERFLY VECTOR SET which originally i was working on to realese as a vector pack . But due to my laziness i couldnt work on a few more in the set. Please note that these BUTTERFLIES might not be available for FREE DOWNLOAD for a long period. And i appologies to the members that i havent offered any REAL COOL DEALS for them for a while. But hey you are getting a vector set for FREE Again here!… so please continue with the login and downlaod. and try to share your artwork which i will display in the gallery! As always the download link is only visible if you REGISTER or LOGIN

This file is no longer free for download ! Available to Premium Members only  signUp or Sign in[/private]

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