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When i started working for Stock agencies one problem which continuously came in front of me was illustration rejected due to open paths! .. alright what is that!.. how can i come over this ? what to do . Frankly speaking there are not much websites out there telling you how to work for stock agencies properly . if you are working for one or if you are thinking of working as a stock artist there are 90% chances in the beginning that your illustration will be rejected due to this! OMG! Rejection! it hits like a tornado! you have worked hours on your work and then the process of uploading , keyworking and what you get > REJECTION?!
Being a good girl i would like to share with you all these tips for cleaning your work and then submitting . you can read a few more posts about works of stock artists at my other blog and if you are starting you will find links to stock agencies for which you can work for. here are a few steps which might help you out in the process.

Keeping your work clean
While working if you are drawing freehand when you reach near the end of your line or stroke press alt this will change your pointer to something like “0” and will close your current working path.

Working in Layers
Workind in layers is definately a good idea while you are working with illustrations most of us tend to just forget layers. But remember there are times when you need elements from one illustration layers are so practicle practice. And it is also important as when you are working on an illustrations that has transparent objects .

Working with Transparencies
What happens when you Expand an unlayered illustration you will face the problem of cutting your shapes. Just work in layers if you have transparencies then when you finish your job go to expand flatten transparencies.your work will be intact and you will be all ready to go!!

Joining paths
You have missed some paths and would like to join them just use your pointer called ( Direct Selection Tool)  (A) and select both your joining points and hit CTRL+J

Filling your work with paint
if  you are working for stock illustrations do not or avoid using paint bucket it somehow just increases the end work when it comes to expanding and the stroke also becomes messy in most cases. I will not recommend it.

Use Scripts to clean your work
Here is a  site which offers these scripts which you can install in illustrator and make lots of use . You can find out your open paths and then close them easily .
Download the select Scipt
Download the Close paths script

Using Close paths Script
once finished with your artwork first step would be to unlock ALL your work object then go to Select > open paths ( if you don’t see it there then you need to install theis script)
go to File scripts>other scripts and browse to the close path script which you can download and unzip it . Although you are supposed to install it in your scripts gallery and it should appear in your menu but in case it doesnt appear dont panic just browse to it and run it . it will close all your paths.

Expanding strokes
Expanding strokes is one of the essentials which you must follow. select all your work when you are done and BEFORE running the Close paths script go to Object> expand and Object Expand Appearence stroke not fill!

Expanding Patterns
in my previous post i have talked about expanding patterns you can check that out as well!

PS i will be updating this post on regular basis as these tips are essential when you are working on illustrations for clients. and believe me in the long run helps you loadS![/private]


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