[private]It seems that illustrator is full of new tools and various elements and more i dig into it more i learn . And it seems every time one more hidden tool is revealed .. Have you heard of envelopes . It seems to be a sister tool of mesh tool . Here is a little bit intro into this so practical tool!!]

Envelopes are objects that distort or reshape selected objects. You can make an envelope out of an object on your artboard, or you can use a preset warp shape or a mesh grid as an envelope.

What envelopes can do?
in a defining way it SKINS your objects. Helps you modify them. once an envelope is applied you can continue to work on your original object .

How this tool is used?

Although i don’t have any specific object in mind for creation of our outcome . I start off my creating two objects

one is a pattern that i would like to apply to my work shape ie circle.

select all the elements of your SKIN right click and group.

Bring your work shape in front of the pattern right click >arrange>bring to front

ctrl+A and select all ….

The Application

Go to object> Envelope Distort> Make with Top object

Here is the result

Now here is the fun part you can still edit your circle as you please select the direct selection tool (A) and adjust the anchor points to your desired result

here is what i got after playing around with anchor points

there are unlimited possibilities of what you can achieve with this tool maybe in the future i will share a few ideas with you …!


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