Creative Findings : June

[private]Ai Vault will be featuring and showcasing some of the artistic and creative findings over the web. Here is our first collection . This collection shows some artistic inspirations of art in different mediums as well as a few tutorials and freebies found .

Artistic Inspiration Art

A fractal pick from the art of AsaLegault this fractal artwork has an indeniable draw , With the perfect choice of a contrasting black & white gradient, this fractal lures you into its spiny nested center with what seems like, protective orbs of light. And although it would probably draw blood with its prickly sharpness, you just want to touch it!

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Tiny world by Heiko Klug is a perfect example of expressionism in photomanipulation , Using different techiniques of graphics what sets this work apart is its colour balancing and perfect composition A 25 years old digital artist.

His first contact with art was graffiti, almost 10 years ago. In the beginning of 2004 he discovers the digital medium and started to publish his works in the world wide web.At the moment Heiko is searching for an apprenticeship training position as digitalmedia designer in germany.View more of the works by Heiko Klug at his website.

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Nana’s Garden by rinkart is one of many abstract works of her using Acrylic, ink, paper on paper, gold leaf, mesh… this collage provokes the artist in you to explore the creativity in this piece of work.

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Born in Breslau, Poland in 1978, Sebastian Onufszak is a German visual artist focusing on print, interactive media and motion graphics. His work was featured in numerous publications and exhibitions worldwide. He is founder of the well-known artist collective “Propagandabuero”. Currently he is living in Duesseldorf, Germany and working for Parasol Island, an animation and design studio, as Creative Director. A must see portfolio …..

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Besides vector “Vexel” is gaining popularity as well . For people who love to work in photoshop but want to try their hands at Vexel art here is a basic tutorial.

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A well explained tutorial by veerle shows you how to create and use patterns not by creating pattern swatches but by creating symbols and repeating them.

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Smashing magazine has compiled a list of Vector Tutorials that you must visit .

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Vector Sites

There are so many vector sites emerging vectoroom is one of them , offering vector packs creative and high end .

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A creative Vector Packs site offering very interesting collection of vector packs as well as templates for packaging . you can download free packaging templates perfect to add in your resources library.

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Grunge style is rough, rugged, torn, worn, and tattered. To most, these adjectives would describe something less than appealing, but in the hands of a talented web designer, elements possessing these qualities can be used to turn a web site into a work of art. So, if you are just getting started in grunge design or if you are already a pro, you should find the grunge freebies in this article to be very useful.Check out the list of 200+ Textures, Brushes, and Fonts: Ultimate Grunge Roundup by Design Reviver.

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FreebiesLinkShare is a place to share your freebies links, so you will gain more visitor to get your freebies, you can browse and vote for freebies from the other people too. Free Vector, Free Icon, Free Font, Freeware, Free Scripts, Free Sweeptakes, Free Gifts and more …

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A good collection of pattern swatches and textures by Fudge Graphics.

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