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In this tutorial i will show you how to set up an illustrator document for working in illustrator to work better in flash. I will also tell you how to create an animation IN illustrator FOR flash. And export animated swf files from illustrator . You can download the source files before we proceed with the tutorial.you can preview how we animated a simple flower falling and exported it as swf. This is a small example but the technique can be used in differet ways to fulfil your aesthetic requirement.

Preview the file

Step 1

Setting up Layers

If you are like me you are mostl likely to have all your illustration in one single layer !..If you are! …Prepare your work by placing all of your objects in separte layers. At this point you should have in mind how your file will be working in flash . So just separate all of your work and place different symbols / objects in different layers . This will give you greater ability to modify or animate them while they are imported into flash.


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