This is a product box template which you can use and create your own product boxes !!

Here is how to use it

  1. Open up the file which is illustrator CS2
  2. open up the window > Symbols if not already open
  3. You will find here three symbols Drag them out to your work area.
  4. Right click and break symbol apart
  5. Edit as you want them to be edited (colour strips and text)
  6. Drag each edited symbol back into the symbols panel.
  7. Open up the appearence panel ie window>appearence
  8. Select the box image already created and is placed on the artboard.
  9. Appearence panel will show the current effects applied double click the little F icon in appearence panel this will open up the 3D effects dialogue box.
  10. Go to Map art
  11. Select the replacement symbols which you have created instead of the ones already placed.
  12. Keeping the prview checkbox checked will show you while you map the new symbols
  13. Hit OK!!

There you have it your own modified Product Box!!
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