Before i start let me tell you this is not the Only way of creating some extraordinary starburst effects. This can be one way out of many , but mostly what you find is a single triangular shape repeated to get a …em…err ..burst.

My latest find is this wonderful illustrator Plugin . What this plugin does is that it actually gives you multiple options to play around with i guess tilde’ technique … oh well whatever i downloaded the plugin and played around with and tell you the truth still working with it couldn’t just keep it to myself anymore!. Here download it and give it a shot this illustrator Plugin is . According to them you can Create flowers, rounded star designs, warped star designs, sharp edge star designs, abstract star designs & multi-stars… oh well enough said ….You can download few of my experimental bursts in this post . Or check it out Over Here! just wanted to share with you ppl what i am currently doing.. hop you enjoy the plugin as much as i am doing playing with it…You can also download a pack of 6 creative bursts that i have come up with.


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