floral christmas Free Christmas Photo Templates for Photoshop

Download this beautiful Free Photo Template for Photoshop. Simply open blank frame png file in photoshop and drag and drop your favourite Photograph to make an impression.

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This file was created by Aivault.com and is distributed under the Art inspire License .

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Free Christmas Photo Templates for Photoshop

The spirit of Christmas is in the air , Last minute greetings can still be sent . I created this greeting for a friend of mine . Yesterday i shared with you a wonderful Vector Texture . This one is for today and will be available to download for one day only!. The file to download is psd layered file. Might be a bit messy as i dont have time to clean it up but i am sure you will find your way around. As Aivault was getting spooky and was left unposted for a while i thought it is time for sharing freebies everyday till new year so check out yesterday’s freebie and check back tomorrow.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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Here is a full preview


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