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[private]Aivault has been facing download problems lately , so i have decided to change the work of action and provide more stable content here , besides that i have couple of Anouncements to make regarding freebies so read on….I Have been using a member plugin for User Management . Unfortunately the plugin provided a corrupted upgrade as a result all the links to download files are giving out messy links for download! . This is being fixed and is taking a lot of time due to lack of supportfrom the management team @ the plugin site.  I am extremely sorry to theusers who sign up and receive false links! . Kindly provide me a couple of days for a quick fix up of the links . Please note download links to all the downloads are forwarded to all the premium members if you have been missed out kindly let me know so i can forward you the links.

Secondly what has been cooking in AiVault Headquarter ie my brain is again revival of free illustration every friday and as always the illustration will remain free to download for a week . I started this blog with the concept of providing free illustration every friday but due to lack of time i couldnt manage it so here i am again with more coming your way! 

 We will move Free Vector Packs and illustrations regularly to premium members directory as well. So here is the plan as chalked out you will be receiving a free illustration usually eps file editable every friday & a Texture every next week. Yes! i have loads and loads of high res textures which i would really like to give away This site is a complete Vector site so you will be getting vector textures once in a while here , while photographic textures will be available to download from my studio blog ie one8edegree studio blog.

Another news which is quite big for me and will bring quite a few changes to the blog , i am still cooking! So stay with me for the next free illustration , texture and other contents ….! Thanks for your patience !

 So here are a couple of things to do while you are here!

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