Swans for Peace : Digital Illustrations Series : PRINT 1

[private]It is time to do an exhibition of work ! For so long i wanted to do a digital painting exhibition of work . And once again i am setting my mind up for it. Since i got caught up into doing more work for money i painted and i illustrated less for that “peace of mind”… . But here is a new series of works evolving from my past experience with digital tools. I hope you can crticise a bit and let me know how it is going.

Swans and paint blobs are done in illustrator and then treated in photoshop . In the background i have placed water colour sheets that i created . With few of Vector Textures (available through my shop ) which were created from Photographs taken. Kindly view and comment … you will see more of the series soon .. ( I hope so! )

Swans for Peace


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