Quick tip: While i work : Making illustrator more efficient

[private]It happens so many times that while working i fall in the ugly hands of vector disasters for which i keep banging my head with illustrator and keep restarting computer again and again as illustrator simply cant take it anymore! ughh…. And sometimes when i am lucky enough i find ways to solve these issues . So many things and little bits and pieces of shortcuts which if i don’t share right away either i forget them next time. Or i note down to share later . So here is no more LATER thingy anymore.
Here is a little bit of advice , if you are expanding pattern fills if the fill is too complicated illustrator will be using all your resources and still you will end up restarting everything ( not aplicable if you have a jumbo virtual memory computer).

Save your file as eps 8 file then continue with expanding somehow illustrator regaines its senses!!!

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