7 Most Practical illustrator tutorials to get you started with printing!


There are number of great tutorials , freebies and resources available throughout the web , and daily the number of helpful articles pop up !. But when it comes to print there are not many  useful and practical guides which make you understand the process . It can be a bit tricky but with guidance in right direction can help you understand the process pretty fast . I have come across these wonderful articles and guides which talk about print and separations and handling print ready documents so read on!

How to Create a Music Magazine Cover in InDesign

Author Comments :-This tutorial by Vectortuts looks at how to create a magazine cover in InDesign. You’ll learn how to set up a page layout and add text. This is an introduction to InDesign and no previous knowledge is required. This is a simple project put together to help get you started with InDesign. Let’s get to it!


How to Create Your Own Color Separations in Adobe Illustrator

Author Comments :-After you create vector artwork for t-shirt printing, there is one more major step the printer has to perform before printing. This additional step is something that everyone has heard of, but very few have tried. It is called color separations. It’s crucial that you learn how to color separate before your artwork is compromised. Let’s learn how!


Publishing a Multiple Paged PDF Document Using Illustrator

Author Comments :-One of Illustrator’s lesser-known functions is it’s ability to produce and publish multiple paged documents in PDF format. Why is it a lesser known function? Well because applications such as InDesign and Quark Xpress are dedicated to producing such documents and it’s unlikely you’ll ever be advised to use Illustrator.


Create an Adobe Illustrator Template for a Tri-Fold Brochure

Author Comments :-As a print graphic designer, you will be hired to create various types of traditional print design work. For large, multi-page projects I recommend using Adobe InDesign or Quark. But, for single page designs, I like to layout my work in Adobe Illustrator. And to improve my work flow using this application, I have created a library of document files that are preset with the necessary full bleed, crop/trim mark and live area guides……


Designing for Print – Setting Up Crops and Bleed

Writer’s Comments:-A design destined for print requires setting up to certain specifications to ensure that the work is printed correctly by industrial lithographic or digital print firms. This often starts with the initial document upon which the design is to be created by adding the correct bleed area and crop marks. Let’s take a look at what crops and bleed actually are, why they are required and how to set them up in your favourite Adobe package.


Design Business Cards in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial will guide you through the process of designing business cards and postcards in Illustrator as well as providing press-ready templates to get you started quickly



How to Make Color Separations in Illustrator

If you are sending your artwork to a printer, you will need to produce color separations. Printers divide colored artwork into four plates: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (often referred to collectively as CMYK). The process of dividing the artwork is called color separating. The films made from the plates are called separations. These instructions apply to Adobe Illustrator 8. Procedures for other versions may vary.



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