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[private]chrisDid you get a chance to see work of this creative monster lover fellow? i am sure you have already heard of him! Meet Chris Spooner the man behind and the guy behind . It has been more than a year that i came across and everytime i stumbled through the pages i found stuff that was simply USEFUL , informative and Creative!. Keen to know more about the guy i knocked at his door . Knock ! knock! can you be kind enough to talk with my readers? and he was so polite to answer each and every question i had to ask! .

chris2I was welcomed to the warm , cool abode , his website to browse through the walls and talk about his work. Over a cup of warm coffee! ( yeah just imagining here chris!) , curious to know more about a guy who manages two blogs so well. Being a blogger myself my questions were more directed towards him as a blogger and an artist.

(Hmmm the coffe is delicious ) Putting my cup of coffee down i asked.

Tell us something about yourself ? your life where you studied and how and when you found the inner designer in yourself?

I’m Chris Spooner, a graphic and website designer now working for myself. I first found my inner designer at a young age, I’ve always been pretty creative and remember winning my first colouring competition many years ago. Since then I studied the subjects of Art and Design throughout School and College and finished with a BA (HONS) through University. After graduating I worked at a local design studio for two years before deciding to head off on my own to work independently.


Going through your work we see a variety of directions you have worked upon . As a designer in which field you find your strength and why?

One of the great advantages of learning both graphic and website design is the huge variety of work it provides. Once the initial design skills and program knowledge has been learnt it gives the opportunity of putting designs to practice on anything from posters to skateboard decks to websites. I find my personal strengths in the aspects of design I enjoy, not necessarily which field they’re in.


How do you manage time ?! between a blog and work?

One advantage of blogging in the design industry is that it goes hand in hand with work, blogging often develops increased exposure as a designer and brings in highly interesting projects, while the actual work develops new ideas for blog posts.
I’ve also been lucky enough to develop a decent revenue from blogging, which has enabled me to head off into my freelance career, so with this in mind I try to continue putting a good amount of effort into blogging related tasks.


How do you spend your free time away from work and job? or do you get any :)?

The trouble with designers is whenever we go to take a break we often end up still sat at the computer browsing various sites, so it kind of defeats the objective of resting our eyes and stretching our legs! I tend to find myself browsing the web way too much in my spare time, but I also enjoy checking out new movie releases at the cinema and regularly visit local theme parks for a rush of adrenaline.


Where do you find your inspiration from? any websites or artists that you admire?

While browsing the web I find lots of inspiration through design blogs and the community as a whole, especially those who present their work through tutorials. Websites that tend to help me follow through to new discoveries are those that compile news and articles in the industry, a few include , CSS Globe and DesignBump.

Tell us something about your latest projects?

I’ve had a couple of exciting projects associated with the online community recently, including working alongside fellow design blogger Job Phillips to create a logo for a new blog; working with John Campbell of DesignBump on a rebrand and new website design; as well as creating and building my new design blog,

What in ONE THING in life which you think made you successful as a designer?

I think the passion for the topic is what has helped me get to my current level. With the career always being something I’ve looked towards I’ve lived and breathed creativity most of my life. As with a lot of industries there are those who might decide to change their career later in life, which can give the hurdle when it comes to getting into the lifestyle and learning the necessary knowledge from scratch. This is one thing I have avoided having my consistent goal.

chris8 All right wrapping it all up , as a designer and a blogger what advice would you give to artists seeking to find work online?

Participating in the online community is one of the best ways to find new work, by having fun with blogging, Twittering and networking with fellow designers it naturally puts you in a good position within the industry. Marketing yourself in this way gives good exposure to your portfolio and examples of work which can help tremendously when people come to hire a designer for their project.

Thanks so much Chris for taking sometime off and answering our questions. We wish you good luck with your future projects one last thing!


Where can we find you on the web!

Blog Spoon Graphics


Contact Chris Spooner[/private]


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