Ok here is another freebie , exclusive to readers of aivault.com This is  a symblo library of 24 drips and sprays!.  When i started using illustrator i released a small set of drips at deviantart which was downloaded around 6,808 times!! and believe me that is nothing compared to this one!.


I have put up more effort into this one and i hope you like it !

we would love to see what you have created with it!.


[download id=”39″]

Author:Asmaa’ Murad
Web site:Aifactory Graphics
Software: Adobe illustrator
Category:  AiToolsFree Downloads
Terms of use: Show Info
File Format: [download id=”39″ format=”13″]
Description:[download id=”39″ format=”4″]

This is a vector file you will require a vector editing software to edit and open the file in

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