illustrator technique : How to Coloring Artwork Using Live Color advanced illustrator tutorials

illustrator technique : How to Coloring Artwork


Ok i love this illustrator technique : How to Coloring Artwork , this one saved me tons of time last night and i “had” to share it with you.

Ever had the need to create same illustration in multiple colors ? no need to recolor selecting each and every color here is a neat little shortcut in Adobe Illustrator to help you out. Here is my problem and solution walk through!
This is an illustration of a baby invite background which was needed in 4 colors after the illustration was finished

In order to give another color option select the whole artwork Object>select All

Live color options window will open
All you have to do is click on a specific color and using the drag bar change it to your desired color! How cool is that!

Using this option saves you plenty of time ! You can even open up your fav swatches and recolour the entire artwork Play around with Edit option and change the colors Live . Dont forget to create a copy first before you start playing around with the new colors .


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