FaceLifting and a new direction for Aivault

[private]For those of you who have been regularly visiting Aivault have seen that we have changed many faces since the launch in Nov2007. And here i am again with a new face for Aivault but this time i felt that with my own growth Aivault also needed a new step forward. AiVault is now Artistic Inspirations , i would love to share my experiences and works not only limited to vector and illustration , thus aivault will now be more full of content which every graphic designer might need!.

We are now officially selling illustrations and graphics at our Store , Aifactory .We will be now officially offering FREE contents every week! so if you have not yet subscribed to the site you can do now!. We will be giving away quality professional photoshop brushes , vector brushes , vector packs and much more! and beside them once in a while few tips for the artist in you.

in order to bring a better experience to the readers  i need your little help.If you are encountering broken links , file missing errors , kindly report to me so i can fix them. Thank you again for supporting Aivault and making it one of the popular sites ![/private]

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