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50 Wonderfully practical Scripts for Adobe illustrator

Since i started working more towards wall decal stickers , i am constantly coming across getting a better file output , that is clean and more workable .
So in search of tools of a better work accomplishment scripts play a very practical part.

1-Create Calendars Automatically in Illustrator

It was possible through InDesign to create Calendars till now , but not anymore this practical script does the job for you , and what is wonderful is that it is regularly being modified to work better!

2-Fit Text Frame to Content

Expands the text box to fit overset type

3-Find and Replace Graphics

This script is especially useful to turn generic path objects (say from the GIS) into proper Illustrator “Symbols” or to swap out one set of generic path objects for another.

4-Place Multiple Files in Illustrator

This script will allow you to (import) place multiple files as separate named layers from a designated folder to a new Illustrator document. The files are all placed at once, you don’t get to control individual placement (but of course you can modify location after the script runs). Script should work with CS2, CS3, and CS4, both Mac and Windows

5-MultiPage 4 for Illustrator CS3 and CS4

Produce and publish in one environment! Create multiple pages in Adobe Illustrator and export or print multiple pages with ease. Version 4 supports PDF, JPEG and EPS export of multiple pages for enhanced web and print design. Use MultiPage to export or simply navigate between pages for essential organization and ease.

6-Wolfgang Reszel’s Javascripts for Illustrator

Includes an exhaustive cross listing to additional scripts for Illustrator.

  1. WR-closeAllPaths
  2. WR-usedColors
  3. WR-descaleImages
  4. WR-replaceColors
  5. WR-DateAndTime
  6. WR-SaveAndCloseAll
  7. WR-removeDuplicates
  8. WR-autoClipImages
  9. WR-capitalSize
  10. WR-scaleLikeTopMost
  11. WR-deEmbed
  12. WR-collect
  13. WR-Animate
  14. WR-reversePathDirection
  15. WR-pathResolution
  16. WR-ImagePrintRes

7- 27 John Wundes’ Javascripts for Illustrator

This is a growing library of Javascript scripts written by John Wundes to extend the functionality of Adobe Illustrator.


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