Free Texture : Old Brick Wall rough Cement

[private]We have an old portion of our house which was being built then for some reason left as is , this area is full of interesting textures , old rustic , grungy and what not! this set that i am going to share with you today is a high res texture of freshly unfinished cemented wall gone old. so it has got a lot of characteristics to it and hence many uses ! So here it is free for you to download and use in your personal projects. A more higher version is also available if you would rather want to go commercial with it.

You can have them downloaded from the Aivault Store click on each image to be taken to its download page. Each image is available in a good size of 1500 px to download for free !! yay!! , still if you would like to have a bigger size you can do that too!. Click on the images to zoom in pretty good to see the quality before you download! Here are the textures !


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