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there is plenty of inspirational typography found everywhere you look . and more you explore more places you will find to look into. My Current exploration is about Lettering and Typography and i will admit that since i am basically a traditional painter i didn’t quite find time to explore Lettering , How can this be overlooked? . Lettering is the base of every project ! it can easily make or break a project .

  1. Developing a passion for illustrative lettering (via Vectortuts.com)
  2. Finding your Hand Drawn Lettering Voice (via Vectortuts.com)
  3. MixingTypefaces Cheat Sheet PDF (via Inspirationbit.com)
  4. Traditional Lettering Tutorial (via Deviantart.com)
  5. Custom Lettering using Blend tool (Via Aivault.com)
  6. Lettering Hangout (Digitalwebbing forum)
  7. Lettering Advice Online (balloontales.com)
  8. Whatis the Best Way to Choose or Mix and Match Fonts?
  9. Howto Design A Font: Get Inspired! (via gomediazine.com)
  10. So,you want to create a font (via I love Typography)
  11. Vintage Ornate Capital Letters Photoshop Brushes (via Aivault.com)


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