Day 2 Sketch 2 : A Day in Snow

Day 2 Sketch 2 — 100days 100sketches

Project :- Self Exploration

Medium :- Drawing in flash , coloring in illustrator

Tools :- Artistic brushes in illustrator , mesh tool for coloring

Technique: Trying out Layers of transparencies to achieve a rich effect

Textures :-Textures for the final preview from HERE

Download the source file! ( Limited to 10 Downloads Only)

Author: Asmaa’

Software: Adobe illustrator

Downloaded:-[download id=”73″ format=”5″]

[private] [download id=”73″ format=”3″][/private]

Category: [download id=”73″ format=”7″]

Terms of use: [download id=”73″ format=”6″]

Description:[download id=”73″ format=”4″]


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