Day 4 Sketch 4 : The blob in the arches

Day 4 Sketch 4 — 100days 100sketches

My dad just returned from a trip to Tashkand , yesterday i was going through his very interesting trip’s photos . This city in rich in its architectural content one particular photo that captured my attention was the architectural of a gate.crafted during Amir Taimour Era.

The just look at the awesomeness of the intricate detail of carvings and the placing of the niches.

i have always been fascinated by arches and niches these are somehow a perfect artistic form and evolves into different forms and shapes if you just look at it deeply. I created a vector experiment starting from a blob and then formed different niches and arches finally the vector work was taken into photoshop and textured. Below is the vector rendering (which you can download as part of 100 sketches series till available) this is followed by my finished textured artwork.

Project :- Self Exploration

Medium :- Drawing in illustrator , editing in photoshop

Tools :- Drips and Splatters Vectors

Technique: playing with shapes and forms

Download the source Vector file! ( Limited to 10 Downloads Only)

Author: Asmaa’

Software: Adobe illustrator

Downloaded:-[download id=”75″ format=”5″]

[private] [download id=”75″ format=”3″][/private]

Category: [download id=”75″ format=”7″]

Terms of use: [download id=”75″ format=”6″]

Description:[download id=”75″ format=”4″]

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