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It feels so good to give your illustrations life and see them as a part of your own house. This is a new venture that i have stepped into . Wall decals are recently  becoming very much popular. I created this logo for decal ideas , along with the identity development. Since the decals are mostly about decor and lifestyles i incorporated a cool looking floral motif for this in the logo design.

Site design is still under construction but the decals are already up for sale through etsy site. You can visit the Etsy store for the designs view currently in production these designs are recreated from my illustrations as  decals .

While the site is still being created  , i wanted to create a branding theme for the whole site. The elements of supportive designs are created using hand drawn and sketched feel which will be carried out in the following website design ( i will keep you updated ) . Here is the banner for the ETSY Store that i created while staying in the precieved artistic style for the brand.

also the Etsy Avatar to go with the whole concept

The requirement of the store is provide instructions and color choices here are is the design for color chart and the instructions sheet.

Whoo is in Love Custom Initials Owl Wall Decal Vinyl Art Graphics

Whoo is in Love Custom Initials Owl Wall Decal Vinyl Art Graphics

Since the site is following the sketchy feel to it , i am planning to add similar product previews something like you see below

Whoo is in Love Custom Initials Owl Wall Decal Vinyl Art Graphics

I will shortly write the design details of the website and its creation phases as it happens.. so exciting!


Printables, graphics, backgrounds, vectors, illustrations, fonts, and design elements given on this site are for personal use only. You may not alter them or redistribute them for free or monetary gain without written consent from the author, Asma Murad. If you want to share these resources with others, please share the link to the blog post. Teachers/educators: You may share these with your classes and colleagues as long as they are not edited in any way, Cliparts & Resources shared for free are not to be used as printables for sale.

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