Batch process in Photoshop : 28 Useful Free Scripts to speed up your work


Photoshop scripts are Photoshop actions on setriods , i read this somewhere along the way searching for a way to overcome and find a solution for one of my today’s daunting tasks. I had in my around 40 graphics all layered in a single photoshop file which i wanted to convert into JPG and PNG , this i am able to do through a script run of exporting all layers to JPGs and PNGs . My quest was to find a solution to rename all these layers in one go… hmm can take a while to do that !.
I came across this wonderful list of scripts for photoshop which totally came in handy for today’s task and i hope many more to come .. so i had to share these with you .
below is a list of scripts by Trevor Morris Photographics which ofcourse thankfully solved my today’s problem of renaming all the layers in photoshop.


1-Array Generator

This script generates a two-dimensional array of cloned objects based on the selected layer or group. The user interface also allows you to specify the number of rows and columns, as well as the horizontal and vertical spacing between objects.

2-Black & White Variations

This script converts and saves an image to black-and-white using 20 different methods (although more methods can be added).

3-Center Layer

As the name implies, this script simply centers the active layer within the document, both vertically and horizontally.

4-Close Without Saving

This series scripts closes one or more documents without saving changes (without a prompt). Options include: all documents, only the current document, or all documents except the current one.

5-Contract Canvas Selection

This script contracts a selection that touches the document boundaries on one or more sides (which isn’t possible with some versions of Photoshop).

6-Distribute Layers Horizontally

This script distributes all selected layers horizontally, so that the layers are evenly spaced.

7-Distribute Layers Vertically

This script distributes all selected layers vertically, so that the layers are evenly spaced.

8-Hide All Layers

A simple script that hides (turns off) all layers in the active document.

9-Show All Layers

A simple script that shows (turns on) all layers in the active document.

10-Import Folder As Layers

This script combines a series of images from the selected folder into a new document. All layers are named according to the file they represent.

11-Layers to Comps

This script simply creates a layer comp for each layer in the active document.

12-Rename Layers

This script renames all layers in the active document, including those within groups. The script prompts for a layer name pattern, and then renames and numbers the layers (top to bottom, or bottom to top).

13-Find Layer

This script searches all layers by name and selects the first match.

14-Sort Layers

This script sorts all layers in the active document alphanumerically (top to bottom, or bottom to top)

15-Toggle Layer Visibility

This script toggles the visibility of the current layer (on or off).

16-View Actual Pixels

This event-based script displays the current document at 100% zoom (actual pixels).

12 more Scripts From Jeff Tranberry of Adobe Photopshop

Below are some scripts you will find on his site.

  1. Layers to PNG
  2. Converting to sRGB for Save For Web
  3. Create New Document
  4. Create Frames from Layers
  5. Reveal All
  6. Close all open docs without saving
  7. Turn off the preference for “Resize Image During Paste/Place”
  8. Turn on the preference for “Resize Image During Paste/Place”
  9. Create a .log file
  10. Get the active document name
  11. Open a folder of documents
  12. Get the time and date

Looking for More ? Scripts resources elsewhere

Adobe Scripting forum
Adobe Studio Exchange
free Photoshop scripts by Russell Brown

Installing A Photoshop Script

After downloading a script you must copy it into your Scripts folder. On a PC, the path would be:
C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop (CS or CS2)PresetsScripts

On a MAC the path would be:
Applications> Photoshop (CS or CS2)> Presets> Scripts.

After copying a script to this folder you’ll need to Quit and then Restart Photoshop before the script appears in the File> Scripts menu.

To Run A Photoshop Script
To run a script choose File> Scripts and select the script from the list, which will include any script file that was saved with a .js or .jsx extension and saved in the Presets/Scripts folder. If you want to run a script that was saved in a different location, simply choose File> Scripts> Browse and navigate to the specific script you want to use.



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