[private]Year 2010 had been such busy year for me , during this year i really stopped writing anymore of the tutorials and got busy working for myself , getting myself ready you can say for the freelancer’s freedom. And i must say i have done it successfully . During this time i started my own online illustrations and graphics store and very successfully started getting orders for custom designs and illustrations which i like doing most!

During this time i found myself lost in creating FOR the client and started wondering if i was beginning to loose myself as an artist? … just to explore myself and the way i am going and my art is going i started 100 sketches , the idea is not really to produce all 100 sketches in coming 100 days but it is just a path to exploration  and i am so behind!! .

Yesterday i again doodled out some stuff and then started working on it having a clear idea of what artwork i am looking for so i doodled…. and got lost doodling 🙂 here is what i ended up creating.

I will be uploading more in the series to my Flickr Set 100 sketches. if you are on Flickr dont forget to add me there

Project :- Self Exploration


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