[private]You are probably here if you are learning about illustrator or vector illustrations  , I started creating vector brushes way back when i started this blog  in 2009 . And i completely fell in love with creating vector brushes! .

I love how the brushes give you completely a new way of creating fantastic new designs , every time you set yourself to create art with brushes . And the more fun part is that everytime something new is created ! .  During this time of blogging and my self exploration i created a few sets of brushes which i sold as well… Now i feel that these must not be kept away any longer and i have decided to give away these brushes free !

Take a look at these brushes at my Store!

Now how can you reserve a free copy of these brushes? all you have to do is do the following

1- Follow my Tweets & Tweet the following

183 Vector Brushes for Free! Reserve your copy Now! http://bit.ly/180brushes @one8edegree

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Starting from next 48 hours i will start tweeting OR giving away through facebook page the download links. Hmmm or maybe through this blog?  never mind i will do it any way through these 3 options … 🙂  basically just stay with me and i will be giving away these brushes ….

not sure what vector brushes really are? explore my blog to learn !