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I recieved an email today , a sweet email letting me know that my image was used as the title cover of a publication 🙂 . I was so thrilled and glad to see the title cover adorned with one of my fairy illustrations. the fairy sweet pea fairies have been one of my popular image and i love her! here is the preview of the file followed by the book cover published.

And here is the book cover of a story about a young girl who died of cancer in 2010 … I am so glad that the writer thinks that the pretty fairy connected so nicely for the cause of raising funds for the disease through this book ..

And now something new that i created! Easter is here! and i did make some images for easter last week and now posted them to the store …. you can download a freebie from this set as well!

What about a Sample Graphic from this set ?

[download id=”113″]

Author:Asmaa’ Murad
Web site:Aifactory Graphics
Software: Adobe illustrator
Category: Vector Eps Files
Terms of use: Show Info
File Format: [download id=”113″ format=”13″]
Description:[download id=”113″ format=”4″]

This is a vector file you will require a vector editing software to edit and open the file in

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[categorythumbnaillist 545]

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