Fall Thanksgiving owl graphic image

Getting all warmed up for halloween and creating all sort of invites and banners and designs for the upcoming thanksgiving parties and events.Find below some of the cool halloween illustrations and cliparts from Aivault Store and download this free sample image from this collection.

Download this freebie

click on the image to download high resolution PNG file

Fall owl thanksgiving clipart high resolution png file Click to download!

[download id=”115″]

Author:Asmaa’ Murad
Web site:Aifactory Graphics
Software: Adobe illustrator
Category: Vector Eps Files
Terms of use: Show Info
File Format: [download id=”115″ format=”13″]
Description:[download id=”115″ format=”4″]

This is a vector file you will require a vector editing software to edit and open the file in

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Check out below some of the images by Art Inspire Factory graphics illustrations sets available for premium members.

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So here goes another addition to the long list of Free illustrations available through this blog.

Check out another free similart illustration that i shared a while back


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