Although Valentines Day Clipart and images are not really seasonal and love clipart are always required and in need finding some high quality cute cliparts is not so easy.
I have compiled a collection of all the free clipart and illustrations that I have created in the past. These are not my recent illustrations but I have used them many many times while creating greeting cards, stationary designs and also web graphics.

So here is a collection you can download right away , free for limited time grab theme before I role them into the exclusive content section in my shop.


Here is another Free Vector for you , as valentines day approaches the demand for love theme images , vector graphics , valentine’s day promotions,vector illustrations and cliparts increases . So just to minimize your level of searching i have whipped up a quick love graphic image . The final free vector download includes a high resolution 300 dpi 8 inch jpg as well as a free vector eps file.


Here is the preview of the Free Vector illustration


 Download High Resolution JPG file 

[download id=”119″]

Download Free Vector EPS file –>> Click here to download


Looking for more Valentine’s Day illustration for free ? check out these lovelies that i shared earlier 😉




Click on each image to go to their respective posts.

birds heart frame free eps1 Valentines Day Clip Art Free Hearts Borders and Candy Clip Art

Free illustration :- Birds in a floral frame

{New Freebie } Valentines day iphone wallpaper

{New Freebie } Valentines day iphone wallpaper

{New Freebie } Valentines day iphone wallpaper

{New Freebie } Valentines day iphone wallpaper

Graphic set : Cupid and roses love icons

Graphic set : Cupid and roses love icons


prev 1 Valentines Day Clip Art Free Hearts Borders and Candy Clip Art
VP Love Lee preview Valentines Day Clip Art Free Hearts Borders and Candy Clip Art

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