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Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

What are the Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy?

Etsy is a marketplace that has very quickly gained popularity among the digital etsy sellers. I have compiled a list of 10 top digital downloads on Etsy that are the most popular ones among buyers and sellers.

Best Digital Products to sell on Etsy

If you are looking for a way to create a side hustle by selling digital products then you are in the right place as this list will serve as your go to guide with all that you need to know.

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“Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through my affiliate link. Read my full disclosure policy here.”

1- Canva Templates

Canva Templates are one of the top selling digital product on Etsy. Since Canva is widely used and easy to use, simple and free graphic design tool for Artists and Creators it has become one of the widely used platform for experienced and novice graphic designers.

How to Deliver a Canva Template as a Digital downloadable product ?

I have switched to Canva for 80% of my graphic deign jobs. Creating a digital download template in Canva is really easy.

all you have to do is to share the link to template create in Canva and upload and list it on Etsy.

Creating beautiful mockups of the final preview of the download in action is a must. Over the years I have created and sold my own templates created in cava on Creative Market and Etsy.

Here is an Example

Loading Preview…

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How to share a Canva Template as a digital Download

After you have finished creating the template just go to share > then go to template > Canva will generate a link for you to share.

Step 1  : Create template design click on share

Step 1 : Click on template and copy the template link to share .

Simply add it to your downloadable file delivery, I prefer to create a beautiful PDF file that also gives instructions on how to use the template.

When anyone clicks on this template link that is inserted inside the pdf file they will be directed to Canva where they can make a copy and use the template.

Adopt their design into a brand new product make it editable and sell it on Etsy or any other platform or website

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Some of the top digital products categories of Canva Templates.

  • Cookbook templates
  • Canva template education
  • instagram templates
  • Facebook Header & Facbook posts Templates in Canva
  • Order forms
  • Coloring Book
  • Gift tag
  • Planner kits and Templates
  • Proposal Templates
  • Webinar Slides Presentations
  • Budget Planner Template
  • Journal Template

2- Printable Planners

If you are a planner girl like me then you know that how addictive planners can be. Once you get into the habbit of using planners then you just cant stop.

I have planners for everything ! ,

Even though I create printable planners myself I cant help myself and buy a few from other sellers as well. There are tons of ideas and creative planners that are perfect for various areas of your life.

If you are student then at some point of your life you must have felt the need to manage your course material and study pattern.

Hence student binders and planners come in handy.

If you are a homemaker or homeschooling mom then you definitely need parenting and home management planners and pintables.

if you are small business owner then you might already have used or interested in using business planners that help to manage your online store and small business.

In short there is always a need for a planner in every area of ones life and it is being filled by creators. Etsy is one of the best resource if you are a planner girl and it is also one of the best seller digital download product.

Best selling digital planner printable ideas on Etsy.

  • Wedding Planner Templates
  • Business planner printable social media
  • Self Care Planner Printable
  • Weekly Planner Printable v
  • Adhd Planner Printable
  • Weekly Planner Printable 
  • Baby shower planner printable
  • Vacation planner 
  • Study Planner 
  • Social Media Planners
  • Monthly Planners
  • Daily Planner 
  • Budget Planner
  • Home School Planner
  • House Hold Planner 
  • Wedding Planner 
  • Teacher planner printable happy planner
  • self care planner printable 
  • teacher planner printable preschool
  • Small Business planner printable

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3- Events & Invitations

Throughout the year there are various events, either it is Valentines day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthday or Wedding Day. There is always a need for a printable invitation or a party decoration printable.


Events is another category of digital downloads on Esty that is well saturated but still makes a lot of money for the sellers.

A few of the best selling Esty shops are selling wedding and birthday invitations.

The sweet spot of earning more through selling digital printable invitations is when you decide a sub niche in events category.

From a variety of events birthday, kids birthdays or weddings, your Esty shop success is dependent upon how you can niche it down, since this is a really big category it is advisable to niche it down as much as possible.

Just like Canva Templates, as a digital seller you can design an invitation in photoshop or Canva and list the design on Etsy.

Once a design is purchased and you receive an order the final file delivery is done with the required edits done to the final file.

There are other platforms and services that link seamlessly with Etsy for seling process ease. These services are similar to Canva but developed entirely for a buyers perspective.

Once you sign up to these services as a seller, you will upload your invitation design to their designer hub. When an order is placed an instant file delivery link is emailed to the buyer. Through that link they can view, edit text and downloads the final file. For Example Corjil & Templett

However there are stores that offer the manual design services as well, as sometimes clients do not want to spend time over edits and this way they have access to a graphic designer who will make final edits to the file and send a printable file.

Wedding Invitation Categories that sell the most on Etsy

Printable Wedding invitations
Wedding invitation with QR code
Wedding Planners
Wedding Planner Printable KDP
Wedding Planner Checklist
Wedding invitation kits
Wedding Signature Drinks
Wedding Signs
Minimalist Table Numbers Printable
Wedding Address Label Template
Wedding Budget
Wedding Program Maroon
Reception Games

Top Kids birthday Themes that sell well on Etsy

Over the years I created many cliparts and graphics that I used to create my own printables kids birthday invitations. Here are some of the best selling digital invitations categories and themes.

Water & Pool Party
Video invitation Birthday kids
kids birthday invitation text
Princess theme Kids Birthday Invitations
Mermaids Birthday Invitations
Water & Pool Theme
Animal Theme Birthday invitations
Kids Golf Birthday invitation

Get Started selling Birthday invitations using these commercial use graphics and cliparts

4- Coloring Books

Coloring books are one of the categories that sell very well as digital downloads on Etsy. The best sellers include simple printable coloring pages for kids and detailed intricate drawings in black and white available as a download.

Someone interested in Coloring Pages will purchase it once and print as many as they like. Being a coloring enthusiast this is a gold mine for a person like me. So as a creator and a seller this is also a great opportunity to make money selling my drawings.

5- Social Media Templates

After Creative Market , Etsy is the second largest resource for Social Media Templates. Some are made in Canva , infact most of these are now available as Canva themplates, as they are easy to modify and anyone with a little or no graphic design knowledge can easily modify them and save tons of time.

Social media templates are often sold as a bundle over at Etsy, this saves a lot of time if you are on multiple channels on social media. The buyer is mostly looking for a good template that they can easily modify and use quickly as the need arrises.

6- Business Resources

Another category of printables that sell well on Etsy is Business and Work planners, templates and workbooks. This is also a great find especially for small business.

During my recent research I found that Business Templates resources for Realtors is in high demand and not many sellers. Making it a perfect niche if you are thinking about making money selling printable resources.

Here are a few of the popular themes in business templates that are popular.

Excel Sheet for measurements,
Invoice Templates
Business Card Templates
Business Signs
Logo Designs

7- Wall Art

Etsy is a gold mine of Art Prints, this means two things one that you have a perfect market available right at your fingertips if you are looking to sell Printable Wall Art, Canvas art or Art prints through Etsy.

Having said that while there is opportunity the competition is high as well, there are so many artists and galleries that are selling wall art and art prints on Etsy. These range from fun nursery decor printables, to Abstract and Geometric , realistic and imagenary.

Should you decide to dip your toes in this side of selling printables, I would suggest that you should narrow down your products aiming to provide art to a smaller niche. This could be modern nursery wall arts, Abstract paintings , Calligraphy art or personalized or customized art prints.

It wouldnt be a wise decision to make diverse styles of artprints and not focus on a smaller niche instead.

8- Home Management

Who doest have a house and who doesnt want a well managed home, the home management biders and printables are available in wide number and selection options. Most of these printables are created by moms for moms, hence they really know how to manage a house.

Even if one is confused about home management, getting a good management binder will teach you a lot about how to manage it yoruself. There are many best selling binders and printables for home management including budget binders, grocery shopping, yearly cleaning , purging house and what not.

If you are someone who loves doing the same and has created a few for themselves then this is a perfect niche and sells very well on Etsy and it is one of the top selling digital printable category on Etsy, since the user base of Etsy is mostly women.

9-Teacher Resources

After TPT , Etsy is the best teachers resource. Teachers can download printable worksheets, yearly planners and graphics resources. I talk about the graphic design resources more in the next section but these graphics print well and teahcers use them often to decorate their classrooms or making lesson plans.

Some of the best selling teacher resources include Teacher planners, Student planners, Homeschooling printable resources and lesson plans.

10-Graphic Design Resources

Since nearly all of these resources stem from a skill of graphic design but still etsy is a great resrouce for graphic designers and artists alike. For any graphic or web design project you can dig right into etsy and find a resoruce.

Some of the best selling digital products to sell on Etsy in grpahic design field are website themes, wordpress themes, plugins , graphics, cliparts, vector resources, photoshop brushes, vector brushes and more…….

Conclusion : Etsy is a gold mine for sellers and there are many categories when it comes to best digital products to sell but if you are deciding to signup as a seller then you should closely look at your passion and currently what is your expertise. As nearly all of these categories that I have mentioned are best selling products on Etsy.

Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

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