How to print business cards at home

How To Print Business Cards At Home ( Free Template)

how to print business cards at home


How to  print business cards at home?

Just last week, I had my agenda all set for an important meeting, only to be struck by an alarming realization when I glanced at my stack of cards: I was fresh out of business cards. It’s remarkable how amidst all the technological advancements, business cards have stood the test of time. While social media dominates the modern landscape, the humble business card has adapted, now sporting spaces for social media links.

Every entrepreneur, whether a startup founder or a corporate tycoon, should keep a stack of business cards close at hand. They remain invaluable. In my recent predicament, I urgently needed business cards within the hour, and dashing to the nearest printer wasn’t feasible. While there are printing services that offer stellar quality, having the capability to print your own cards on demand is indispensable.

Stay tuned till the end of this piece, where I’ll share some of my preferred printing companies renowned for their top-notch quality. But for now, let’s dive into the world of DIY business card printing.

How can i make business Cards at home?

I often get this question asked whenever I design business card for a small business who are in need of a quick printing of their newly designed business cards. Often the printing companies that offer business card services refuse to print in small quantities. So this leaves you with the question how to print them at home using your own printer.

Sometimes you do not even have a budget to have them printed so below are some of my best tips for printing at home.

Supply Needed

A4 Card Stock
Paper Cutter ( I always keep a Paper Trimmer for all my craft needs)
Printer ( This is the one I use but you can use any that you have at home)
Business Cards Printing Template

Make sure that your business card is set up in an aligned space within A4 Size sheet that fits your printer. In one single A4 Sheet you can print 8 – 10 Business Card. The Standard Size Business Cards is 3.5″ x 2.0″ . Read on I will explain in detail about how many cards, what type of paper and best practices for printing business cards at home

1- Create a print ready PDF file with your Design

You can design your own business cards in the software of your choice maybe word , powerpoint, Photoshop or Canva . Save it is a high resolution JPG file that you can later embed into a single A4 Sheet in 8-10 numbers.I prefer to use canva, they already have tons of designs that you can choose from and design your own business cards.

But if this is your own design then you might want to download and use this simple template that I have created. Just place your design within the marked positions and print!

2-ChooseThe Right Printer Settings

Before you hit a printing command make sure the correct paper is chosen . This also saves some inks.If you are using regular text weight copy paper, do make the following printer adjustments:

Under ”Quality & Media” in Adobe Reader®’s print window, set your printer to  ”high” quality  & choose “plain

if you are using photo paper thats Matt then under ”Quality & Media” in Adobe Reader®’s print window, set your printer to  ”standard” quality  & choose “matte photo paper”.

Tips & Tricks for best printing output

1- How to save some inks on printing?

You are printing 100 – 300 cards at home , which is a pretty graceful number for starters . Begin by designing a cards that is maximum three colors .

I printed my business cards at home for the newly set up business of party invites and printable  Print Me a Party.
The design was kept simple to give it a crafty feel with just a few colors. Sticking to just the  basic colors , i used type writer font for the details of the design .
Few colors means less ink!


Looking for a Graphic Designer to Design your professional and impactful business cards ? 👉Lets get connected 

PS : Do mention “I am printing at home” so we can design the best option for you.

2- Keep it simple

Do not go over board by showing off all your creative skills and designing a very textured and dark design . Keep it simple and think wisely while designing the amount of inks it will call for.

A good designer is the one who can design right product for right circumstances. And there are many designers or ones who do not have enough printing experience , hence resulting in more printing costs for you.

3 – Use textured paper instead

Simplify the design but use a textured paper instead . A simple texture on the paper effects the final result .

4 – Use colored paper.

Experiment with a few prints by printing just a single card on colored papers . Expect to have the final result different as it appears on screen as if you are printing red over yellow it will be printed as orange.

Have you printed at home? What advice you can give ? Any tips of printing that others can benefit from?

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