How To Create Coloring Books for Amazon & Sell Through KDP

In this blog post I will share with you the entire process of how to create a coloring book for Amazon KDP with the help of  artificial intelligence and sell it for profit

was blown away by the result and quality of the images you can create using artificial intelligence and I think you will also be amazed by the variation and quality of coloring books you can create with just a little bit of knowledge of these tools.

Why would you create a coloring book for Amazon & is it profitable?n

Passive income is something we all desire, and many of us are searching for ways to earn some extra cash. But is it achievable? Can we genuinely make money by selling activity or coloring books on Amazon?

Creating these books is not only fun, but with the advancement of online tools and artificial intelligence, it has also become easier to enter this field and try your luck. Is it possible to publish your coloring book on Amazon and start earning between $500 to $1500?

The answer is yes, it is possible. Numerous online tools can help you identify the best-selling activity books on Amazon, and these bestsellers can earn as much as $500 to $1500 per book. So, there is potential. The next question is, can you do it? Absolutely. Even if you lack drawing, illustration, or design skills, you can create a fantastic-looking coloring book yourself using artificial intelligence and start selling it online without hiring a designer or illustrator.

Let’s talk about it! As a digital product creator & blogging coach, I help business owners increase their income and traffic, and I previously mentioned a great strategy for making passive income with Amazon KDP – selling low-content books.

Today, we’re diving deeper into one specific category of the Amazon KDP books that you can publish to earn passive income and that is coloring books.

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you choose to make a purchase using my link.

What is Amazon KDP ?

For those who don’t know, KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing, which is directly associated with Amazon. Many self-published books are sold daily through KDP. Independent sellers and creators can publish their books on Amazon without needing an additional publisher. As a creator and seller, you upload your book to Amazon, which handles the printing and delivery whenever an order is placed.

This operates similarly to a dropshipping model, but the professional commitment is solely between you and Amazon. As the creator, you retain full rights to your book. Each time your book is sold, Amazon deducts the printing and shipping costs, and you earn a royalty. This royalty is paid directly to your bank account, with no third-party or publisher taking a cut.

What are activity book and how can you create them?

Coloring books and activity books have always enjoyed popularity and are among the many items that sell well on Amazon. Low-content books, such as notebooks, lined journals, kids’ dotted line journals, and coloring books, have consistently maintained their appeal. These types of books make excellent gifts, and people frequently turn to Amazon for last-minute gift ideas.

Creating activity books has become easier than ever, making them not only great gifts but also perfect for last-minute gift basket stuffers. Adult coloring books are also highly popular online, with some becoming bestsellers on Amazon.



The best part is that you don’t need to have extensive creative knowledge you can jump right in and start creating them.

How much money you can make selling Coloring books on Amazon?

Authors are reporting earnings ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars through KDP by selling low-content, mid-content, and high-content books on Amazon. High-content books, in particular, offer significant potential for higher income. However, the niche for low-content books is becoming increasingly saturated.

With the growing knowledge of artificial intelligence tools, it has become easier to create and sell notebooks, planners, and checklists. Consequently, more people are entering this market. From my personal experience with Amazon, while creating notebooks and planners is straightforward, you need a variety of products to compete with the vast number of low-content books already available.

Low conetnt books include planners , checklists, notebooks, lined journals and simiarl books like these. There are a few premade book conetnt available through designer resources websites here are a few.

To illustrate the potential earnings from selling low-content books versus high-content books on Amazon KDP, let’s consider some statistical examples.

Low-Content Books

Low-content books include items like notebooks, planners, journals, and checklists. These often sell for lower prices and typically have lower production costs.

Example Earnings:
Average Sale Price: $5-$10
Amazon Royalty Rate: 60%
Estimated Monthly Sales: 50-200 units

Using these figures, we can calculate potential earnings:

1. Low-Range Estimate:
– Sale Price: $5
– Units Sold: 50
– Earnings: $5 * 50 * 0.60 = $150

2. High-Range Estimate:
– Sale Price: $10
– Units Sold: 200
– Earnings: $10 * 200 * 0.60 = $1,200

Thus, monthly earnings for low-content books could range from $150 to $1,200.

High-Content Books

High-content books include novels, non-fiction works, textbooks, and other comprehensive works. These typically sell for higher prices and can command a larger market.

Example Earnings:
– Average Sale Price: $15-$30
– Amazon Royalty Rate: 70%
– Estimated Monthly Sales: 20-100 units

Using these figures, we can calculate potential earnings:

1. Low-Range Estimate:
– Sale Price: $15
– Units Sold: 20
– Earnings: $15 * 20 * 0.70 = $210

2. High-Range Estimate:
– Sale Price: $30
– Units Sold: 100
– Earnings: $30 * 100 * 0.70 = $2,100

Thus, monthly earnings for high-content books could range from $210 to $2,100.

Comparative Summary

– Low-Content Books: $150 to $1,200 per month
– High-Content Books: $210 to $2,100 per month

While both types of books can be profitable, high-content books generally offer higher earning potential due to their higher sale prices and potentially larger market appeal. However, they also require more effort and time to create compared to low-content books.

A lot of people consider coloring books to be low content, but in my opinion they can be called mid-content books. That entirely depend upon how the book is finished and represented. It is like a burger, you can find it at cheapest and the highest price range. More you put in it more quality you produce , more earning you can make.

 How to create a coloring book to sell on Amazon?

Ok now the fun part begins we are ready to sell on Amazon KDP and we have decided to create a coloring book, as per our research we will be making a dinosaurs coloring book. This book is going to be 80 pages and 8.5 in x 11 in . I will explain why do we have to decide the size and number of pages, when everything will come together.

The process will be completed in 3 steps so follow along, these three steps are ,

  1. Create the book interior
  2. Create the book cover
  3. List it on Amazon

1-Create the Book interior images in Midjourney

Creating the book interior has become easier than ever before. There are certain tools available online that have taken the weight off the creator and now you can publish a brand new book within a day or even in the matter of couple of hours. Whith the help of some ai generated tools you can easily create the book. If you are interested in step by step tutorial on how to create a book and publish on Amazon as Ebook as well as published as a printed format using a manuscript generated with Artificial intelligence you might want to consider enrolling in this course!

We will be creating the book interior in Canva, there are plenty of websites out there that do offer low content book interiors too but lets create our own for this exmple.

We will be creating Midjourney to create our images, you will be require a subscription plan to create the images and you can start for as little as $9 subscription plan. Alternatively there are few free Ai image generation tools also available out there but today I am using midjourney.

1. Open Canva: Start by opening Canva in your web browser. You dont need to have Pro Version to accomplish this task free version works well.

2. Select Custom Size:
– Click on the “Create a Design” button.
– Scroll down and click on “Custom Size”.

3. Enter Page Dimensions:
– Change the units to inches.
– Input the dimensions as 8.625 inches by 11.25 inches. This size accounts for the bleed, ensuring no content is cut off during printing.

4. Create New Design:
– After entering the dimensions, click on “Create New Design”.

By following these steps, you will set up the interior pages of your 8.5 by 11-inch book with the appropriate bleed in Canva.

How to use Midjourney to create Coloring Book Pages

1. Setting Up the Page:
– Begin by setting up your page for the project.

2. Getting Images:
– For the images, use MidJourney.
– I’ll be using the basic plan, which costs $10 a month.
– The paid plan is essential because it provides a commercial license for the images you create. This is important since we’ll be selling a book.

3. Creating Images with MidJourney:
– To create images, we need to give MidJourney some instructions, known as a “prompt.”
– I have experimented and developed effective prompts that you can use.

4. Entering the Prompt:
– First, type a slash (/) followed by “imagine,” and select the “prompt” option.
– Enter the prompt: “coloring page for kids.”

5. Specifying the Image Details:
– Decide on the theme of your coloring book. For this example, I’m creating a dinosaur coloring book, but you can choose any theme.
– Example prompt: “Tyrannosaurus Rex in a jungle.” followed by some details about the kind of design we want , so continue with the prompt and add those options

6. Defining the Style:
– Specify the style: “cartoon style.”
– Specify line details: “thick lines, low detail, no shading.”
– Note: Despite specifying “no shading,” some images might still include shading.

7. Setting the Aspect Ratio:
– Add two minus signs followed by “ar” for aspect ratio: “–ar 9:11.”
– Press Enter to generate the images.

EXAMPLE PROMPT :coloring page for kids, simple, children’s coloring book cover, no detail, outline, colors, dinsoaurs with a jungle in the background, fill frame, edge to edge, clipart, white background –ar 5:6

8. Reviewing and Selecting Images:
– Wait for MidJourney to create the images.
– Once done, click on the image to see the four generated options.
– Choose the one you like by selecting the corresponding option.

  • Select and Save the Image:
    • Once the images are created, click on the image set to view your options.
    • Select your preferred image by clicking on the respective option (e.g., “U3” for the third image).
    • After a few seconds, the selected image will be ready.
  • Download the Image:
    • Click on the image to open it in the browser.
    • Right-click on the larger image and select “Save image” to download it to your computer.

By following these steps, you can create customized images for your coloring book or any other project. Repeat this process until you have created upto 50 coloring sheets.

2- Create the Coloring Book interior in Canva

  1. Open Canva:
    • Go to Canva and log in to your account.
  2. Upload Your Image:
    • On the left-hand side, click on “Uploads.”
    • Drag and drop your downloaded image into the uploads box.
    • Once the image is uploaded, click on it.
  3. Add the Image to the Page:
    • Drag the uploaded image to one corner of the page and resize it to cover the entire page.
  4. Add a New Page:
    • Click on “Add Page” to create a new blank page.
  5. Blank Page Explanation:
    • In coloring books, the page behind each image is typically blank to prevent ink from bleeding through.
  6. Prepare the Next Image Page:
    • Click “Add Page” again.
    • Download another image from MidJourney.
    • Repeat the process: upload the image to Canva, drag it to the uploads box, and then resize it to cover the new page.
  7. Repeat the Process:
    • Continue alternating between adding image pages and blank pages until your book is complete.
  8. Create All Pages:
    • Repeat steps 4-7 until you have created all 80 pages for your book.
  9. Download as a PDF:
    • Once all pages are complete, go to the top right corner and click “Share.”
    • Click “Download.”
    • In the dropdown menu, select “PDF Print.”
    • Click “Download” to save the PDF to your computer.
  10. Ready for Upload:
  • Your PDF is now ready to be uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

By following these steps, you will have a complete coloring book in PDF format, ready to share or publish.


How To Create a Coloring Books for Amazon & Sell Through KDP - Using Artificial intelligence create a coloring book for amazon and sell it on Amazon KDP for passive income

How To Create a Coloring Books for Amazon & Sell Through - Make money online selling Coloring books on Amazon and sell through KDP

How To Create a Coloring Books for Amazon & Sell Through KDP Want to create a coloring book for Amazon & Sell through KDP free crash course included download now

3- How to create coloring book cover in canva

Let’s input the dimensions for our book cover. How do we find these dimensions? We need to visit Amazon’s KDP platform and access our dashboard. If you haven’t created an account yet, it’s free to sign up.

Visit the following Link to visit Size calculator and download the template for the cover

You’ll need to enter the following details:
– Binding type: Paperback
– Interior type: Black and white
– Paper type: White paper
– Turn direction: Left to right
– Measurement units: Inches
– Interior trim size: 8.5 x 11 inches
– Page count: 80

After entering these details, click “Calculate Dimensions” and download the template. The template will download as both a PDF and a PNG file. Open the PNG file to find the overall dimensions of the book cover, which are 17.43 x 11.25 inches.

Finally, return to Canva and input these dimensions, ensuring the unit is set to inches

So it was 17.43 by
11.25, create new design.

Follow the dimensions mentioned on the template and create the book cover. You can use PSD or you can use Canva to create the cover design.

The PNG can be downloaded and placed inside the canva design, you can follow the dimensions to finish your book cover design and teh download PDF . This PDF will be the cover design you will upload in the the next step along with the interior of the Coloring Book.


The next step is to create your publisher account with Amazon. Simply go to and sign up and register for an account, or log in to your existing account if you have one.

Once your account information is filled out, you will be able to go to your Bookshelf > Create > Create paperback.

Follow along and fill in all the necessary details. which are quit straight forward and self explanatory.

. You will be required to add book author name, title of the book, number of pages , keywords and categories.

Once you are done you will move on tot the next step of uploading the front and the interor of the Coloring book you just created.

Once finished uploading the manuscript you will be prompted to set your royalty rates

And there you have it! This is my entire process for creating an artificial generated coloring books to sell on Amazon KDP for profit. There are a few tools and resource that will help you with Finding the best idea for the subject of the book, the interior of activity and coloring books and so much more. Follow my blog as in the coming book I will be sharing these resources to make your life a bit easier.

Now I wanted to hear from you – are you ready to start your Amazon KDP journey? And if you’re already a published author let us know your best tip for new book creators below in the comments!

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How To Create a Coloring Books for Amazon & Sell Through KDP

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