How to write Blog Post Faster & make money with blogify

How to write Blog Post Faster & make money with blogify

With the arrival of new blogging tools and a brand-new tool popping up every day, it is becoming more convenient and easy to create blog articles and content. If you are just starting out, the best advice is to avoid using software like CHAT GPT and similar tools to generate blog articles.

write blog post faster

how to write blog post faster and turn anything into a blogThese content writing and blogging tools often piece together already available content from the internet and deliver it as an article. However, SEO is getting smarter every day. Search engines now have the capability to detect original content that has a human touch and is genuinely unique.

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If your article is generated with just a few button clicks, search engines can identify this and penalize you by pushing your content down in search rankings. While you might think you are creating new content faster, you are actually running the risk of jeopardizing your website’s ranking.

So, how can you write blog posts fast, more efficiently, and with original content? Let me introduce you to a tool that truly understands this need and is the real deal.

Incorporating effective strategies for how to write blog posts fast is essential. By using this innovative tool, you can produce high-quality, original content quickly, helping you blog faster without sacrificing the quality or originality of your posts. This approach ensures your blog maintains its competitive edge in search rankings while also engaging your audience with authentic, valuable content.

How to use Blogify to write blog post fast.

Write blog post faster how to write a blog post

This tool is great for bloggers, Youtubers or content creators who want to turn their content from youtube or podcasts into a blog post and then effortlessly share the content via social medial platform. If you are like me you create content and then you create other pieces of content that support it , like creating social media posts and then there is another layer of time block spent scheduling the content via socials.

With blogify my life has become a lot easir now I simple turn my video into a blog post and automatically insert affilate links. create and schedule social media content with a few buttons and clicks. IF the Artificial intelligence is not helping you grow then there is no use! As a result , being a blogger I have become more productive and no longer struggle with a long list of tasks at hand.

Make money blogging with Blogify

One of Blogify’s standout features is its ability to transform various types of media content into SEO-optimized blog posts effortlessly.

With just a few clicks, you can convert videos, audios, podcasts, PDFs, and docs into engaging written content. This feature is invaluable for content creators looking to repurpose their existing assets and reach a wider audience across different platforms.

Another key highlight of Blogify is its Auto-Affiliate Link Generation feature, which simplifies the process of affiliate marketing.

By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Blogify automatically matches keywords in your blog posts with relevant affiliate links, allowing you to generate passive income seamlessly.

Conclusion :

Blogging doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task with the right tools and strategies. As search engines become smarter and prioritize original, human-touch content, it’s crucial to balance speed and quality.

Blogify emerges as a powerful ally for bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators, offering a seamless way to convert various media into SEO-optimized blog posts and monetize content through auto-affiliate link generation.

By adopting Blogify, you can efficiently manage your content creation process, maintain high standards of originality, and ensure your blog remains competitive in search rankings. Which tools do you use for your blogging? Do you prefer a self written blog post with a direct human element or always keen to try new tools?

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