Teacher Appreciation Coloring Pages PDF Printables

During Teacher Appreciation Week, it holds great significance to acknowledge the unwavering commitment and tireless efforts of our educators. To all our fantastic teachers, we extend our heartfelt gratitude! Expressing your appreciation for the dedicated educators in your life can take a delightful and imaginative form, such as coloring a flower or crafting a thank-you page. So, gather your beloved art materials and let your creativity flow!

Teacher appreciation Coloring Pages PDF Printable Clipart Bundles Teacher Appreciation Coloring Pages PDF Printables

I have created some fun teacher appreciation coloring pages that you can download and print, let your kiddos fill them up frame these or just roll up and tie a ribbon around. This is sure to bring a smile on their teachers face.

Saved as pdfs these coloring pages are free to download, just make sure that you do not redistribute these as your own or resell. Appreciate by sharing this website, this page or sending links to your friends.

Thank you for helping me Grow this year

Download this thank you for helping me grow this year teacher appreciation printable coloring page, print as many as you like let the kids color them and create gifts .

Have kids color a teacher appreciation coloring page and turn it into a heartfelt thank-you card. They can write a personalized message inside expressing their gratitude and admiration for their teacher.
Teacher appreciation coloring page thank you for helping me grow , kindergarten teachers printable

My Teacher is the Best Coloring Page Printable

Kids can color a larger teacher appreciation coloring page and turn it into a beautiful poster for their teacher’s classroom. Add a thoughtful message like “Our Teacher Shines Bright” to make it extra special.


Teacher appreciation coloring page thank you for helping me grow , kindergarten teachers printable

Thank you for All that you Do PDF Printable

Transform coloring pages into bookmarks by coloring and cutting them out. Attach a ribbon or tassel at the top to make them even more attractive. Teachers can use these bookmarks while reading and be reminded of their students’ appreciation.

Teacher appreciation coloring page thank you for helping me grow , kindergarten teachers printable

Teachers Rule Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page

Encourage kids to color several teacher appreciation coloring pages and arrange them in a collage or frame them individually. This creates a lovely piece of classroom wall art that showcases the students’ collective gratitude.

These personalized, handcrafted gifts will not only show appreciation but also demonstrate the effort and care that students put into expressing their gratitude to their teachers.

Teacher appreciation coloring page thank you for helping me grow , kindergarten teachers printable

These coloring pages for teachers are meant to be a genuine token of gratitude, a way for students and parents alike to express their appreciation for the tireless efforts of educators. While we’re thrilled to offer these resources for free, we kindly remind you that you cannot redistribute or sell them for monetary gain. Instead, let’s use them as a tool to foster a sense of appreciation and connection with the incredible teachers who shape our lives. Together, let’s color the world with gratitude and celebrate the teachers who make a difference every day.

Teacher appreciation coloring sheets for

Check out these other Coloring Pages that I have created in the past.

demoTeacherAppreciationWeekPrintableColoringPages9515205 Teacher Appreciation Coloring Pages PDF Printables

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16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations


A quick google search would probably give you tons of websites to sell stock photos and illustrations from.

How I started to sell Stock photos and illustrations and why you should too.

It all started way back around 12 years ago when once i was sitting in front of my computer clueless and projects less . Nothing to work on and no idea to where to get work from.


That’s when i started to think backward , by backward I mean i wondered from where all the cool illustrations and graphics coming from that we used to buy for our projects. Not aware that I could too sell stock photos online as a side hustle and bring in some extra income.  At that time I was working in a telecom company and my job was to create multimedia sms . I would score the internet looking for inspiration and graphics to use . But to tell you the truth the job was 9-5 and not much fun.

As i wondered from where these graphics coming from I now looked at the source sites with a different eye . As I looked i found a little button saying Contributor / Sell Stock Photos. Now what was that I had no idea. I clicked on that and read it through and signed up and after that soon my graphic design profession took another turn.

I was soon crazily creating illustrations and uploading them to multiple contributing website. Since photography is not my jam and I know I am good at Adobe illustrator I knew that I could also make money online if I start and sell stock illustrations. The day that i earned my first $.30 was such an encouraging day. I was “Freelancing” earning for myself !. How satisfying this $.30 was ! I was hooked!.

And then I started looking further for more sites to contribute my stock illustrations and sell photos online !. And pretty soon my portfolio was up at 5 websites and i was waiting for my first image sale and I was earning form myself. It started from $.30 from each image sale and now the whole process has grown into my very own website for graphics you can check out my custom cliparts for sale here

The good that came out of all this is a satisfaction of being ones own boss and alongside client based custom illustration jobs.

I would like to share a few websites that I have contributed in the past and hope that it might open doors for opportunity for someone else as well. If you are wondering how I market my portfolio of images on sale through  these websites you might want to look at how I promote it using Pinterest on autopilot. I have now been selling stock photos for a while now , and have also successfully used my own creations to create products and sell digital products and photos online.

Check out my tips on driving traffic to your products right here Or if you are just starting out and looking for a way to get started then read my post on How to start selling Art online for some guidance and direction.

Sell stock photos and illustrations make money online

So what it means to sell stock photos online?

Simply put, stock imagery means any art that already exists and is ready to use. A stock agency curates a library of images on large number of subjects and licenses those images to customers. People often refer to “stock photography,” but “stock” can refer to any type of visual content, including photos, videos, or illustrations.

below are some of the stock sites that i have personally used in the past during my obsession with stock image contribution. These are in order of revenue that i generated and still generate from them.

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Selling Photos online as a beginner

1- Vecteezy 

sell stock photos illustrations

At Vecteezy, you can sell vectors, stock photos, and stock video clips. You’ll need to complete an application and submit a few samples of your work. Once you’re approved, you can submit resources through the contributor dashboard or via FTP. Vecteezy does not require exclusivity, so you can submit the same creative resources you sell on other sites.

An interesting detail about Vecteezy is that you can (optionally) make money by offering free downloads. They have millions of free resources on the site and contributors earn $5 per 1,000 downloads.

2- Dreamstime ( You can sell stock photos and illustrations)

sell stock photos and illustrations

You can sell stock photos , Vector illustrations and various design elements from this website. After you apply as a contributor you are provided an ftp area as well as upload interface.
If you are uploading vector files then you need to save them as EPS files . I have shared a post about how to prepare file as an eps for submission a while back . That can be accessed here.

Here are some examples of my work at Dreamstime

468x60 3 16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations

3- Shutterstock

1 16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations

sell stock photos and illustrations

Shutterstock has been one of my favs when i started uploading work. The uploading process used to be a bit simpler but still it is not too techy. Once you are on the site the Become a contributor button is on the top right. Shutterstock sell royalty-free images, footage, vectors and illustrations. You can apply to be a contributor here.
For me shutterstock had been a favorite one because they don’t pressure you into exclusively distributing images or video . Your content is yours to control to maximize your selling opportunities and profit.

1305 920029 16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations1305 16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations

4-istock by Getty images ( accepting to sell stock photos and illustrations)

sell stock photos and illustrations

(15% Off Annual Subscriptions for All Customers when you decide to use my link)

Why you wont find my portfolio on istock ? it is simply because you have to be an exclusive with them to start selling. And if you are an exclusive then in my opinion going to the road of stock imagery and earning from a multiple streams becomes a bit difficult. But hands down istock is one of the best stock photo website out there. Though it is a bit difficult to be accepted to sell stock photos but once you get in chances are you will do good!

5- Creative Market ( Sell Stock Photos, illustrations and templates)

sell stock photos and illustrations

I love this place, if you are ready to bundle your creations and are ready to create some awesome resources for designers and artists then you might want to consider joining creative Market

Although I have a very small portfolio there but I do continue to get commission every month, maybe if I get serious posting new content I will be able to increase monthly revenue coming from this website. It has a lot of potential.

Creative market is more of a full content resource website , from where you can take a step further and start selling templates , themes , fonts and other resources too. I love the simplicity of creative market and I see a great potential in selling through creative market BUT if you package your content well.

6- Graphic River ( Envato Marketplace, you can sell stock photos illustrations and other graphic design resources)

sell stock photos and illustrations

Graphic river has been in the industry for a while now and has proved to be a good resource for graphics. I personally like to buy through creative market when it comes to themes resources and fonts. But Graphic river is a good competition and has turned a lot of sales for me over the years. My portfolio is really really very small over there but still I get a small chunk of money now and then.

4415 829436 16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations4415 16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations


Update: Fotolia recently closed and partnered up with Adobe Stock Contributor and my portfolio was automatically shifted there

I currently plan to take my graphics down from fotolia , reason you ask? at times fotolia used to bring sales that ranged from $5-$10 each graphics . But lately I have noticed that their royalty has fallen down to $0.30  , just rechecked gone down to $0.25 . It seems that they have sold out rights to images to some other websites as well , as I have found my images being sold from there on couple of other “unknown” , websites as well that sell stock images.

8- Etsy

Alright so Etsy is hands down i have found to be just ok among many mentioned above . The amount of images that you sell through Etsy needs additional advertising on your part . While when you are selling through stock photography websites 1-7 all you need to know is better keywording . But once you start selling through etsy you must be aware of ways to drive traffic to your shop , SEO , social media marketing and more. Check out the blog post where I share how to monetize your shop by updating your listings.


sell stock photos and illustrations

Zazzle in my opinion can drive you more earnings if you have a potential of visualizing your products on various products. You can upload any of your graphics and then using bulk tool create multiple products ranging from stationary to homeware or more. Despite the fact that I am no longer creating many products through Zazzle but my Birthday invitations store and Art Prints shop are giving me an extra income.

Last but not the least there are a few more websites through which you can sell your photography stock imagery and graphic design resources. these are …

11- Artfire
12-Cafe press
14-Selfhosted woocommerce shop
15- Gumroad

16- MasterBundles

Sell Your Graphic Designs in a few easy steps! If you are looking for a good place to boost sales and get great exposure you are right on the spot! Just fill in the form on a website describing your deal, and don’t forget to give MasterBundles some links to preview some pages of yours.

If you are now selling your deals elsewhere – no problem, they can always sell your products on better terms.😉 MasterBundles is the only marketplace that offers vendor’s cuts up to 50%.

Bonus Stock Photo Websites for free Marketing

Stock photo website that are not so monsters in industry t are a good way to get additional eyes on your portfolio you can become a contributor as a free provider.

  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Pixabay

Just like etsy Artfire gives you ability to host digital content for instant downloads but then you have to work extra to drive traffic to your shop . That can or may include your social media skills to sell art online .

sell stock photos and illustrations

Halloween Wallpaper App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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79f4f0ddbcab6ab89027b73b443438f7 Halloween Wallpaper App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


011 Halloween Wallpaper App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

021 Halloween Wallpaper App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Here is the detail I shared on my IG post!


Unleashing Creativity with Free Clipart Images

After my masters in Fine Arts with Majors in History of Art , I came out with the pride oof knowing the work of the Masters. Inspired by the modern Era and impressed by the Renesance. There is no where in my dictionary digital Art , infact at that time digital Art was non existant.

Slowly I got interested in creating Art through photoshop, manipulating images and creating fantasy images. At that time that was the thing , exploration of photoshop!

My digital art was expressional at the moment and I often wrote small pieces of poems to accompany my Art.

d artist workplace professional career designer female graphic working project tablet 177085463 Unleashing Creativity with Free Clipart Images

I got hired in an animation studio to create story boards in traditional hand drawings, while i taught Art in Dubai. Here I saw for the first time use of Adobe illustrator, next day I was sitting there reading help of illustrator and drawing.

I searched Mr google for illustrator tutorial and there were NONE!!

So i started creating my own after reading adobe help files, with screen shots explaining everything that is when i got creative and create some of the most early vector tutorials on this blog in 1902

Pretty quickly i started getting traction and my blog picked up and daily hits shot to 5-6 k per day. It felt amazing! , that is when i started sharing resources for illustrator , vector brushes , that was so early on and not many people were doing these things.

I remember my competition was limited to a very few, all of this exploration of self kept me moving forward and now I share clipart images with my readers.

There is still a bit of hesitancy when it comes to use of clipart by graphic designers in their projects but there is a whole separte worlds of scrapbooking artists, creators , crafters, small business owners of hoodies, tshirts and invittions who use cliparts in their projects .

Early cliparts that gave it the name were a few lines , but today they are provided by artists as a pack of matching items in one single bundle.

This helps creators Unleas Creativity with Free Clipart Images, clipart bundles and more detailed cliparts. Still there are many people who really do not use cliparts in their “professional” projects!

I love them!

I love creating them and I really know the power behind a bundle or pack of cliparts that will help you accomplish your project much much faster !

This post will address frequently asked questions. Hopefully, it will also help readers develop an appreciation for the artists.

What are Clipart Images?

Clipart images are PNGs and JPGs that can be upto 1200 px or 6-8 inch at 300 dpi, why? because they are created keeping in mind the use of these images. which includes, use in social media headers, avatars, blog website icons, banners, featured icons, Digital Scrapbooking, invitation design, t-shirts and other merch.

Benefits of Using Free Clipart Images

Simpler than the usual detailed vector illustrations cliparts are more suggestive and fun, with not much details and sometimes outlined they can be easilily used in projects that are creative and for the witty audience.

Unleash your creativity with these simple illustrative art objects and create invitations for kids, educational books, merchendise for kids, coloring books for children, blog images and much much more

  • They are fun
  • Simple outlines
  • Basic colors
  • Less details
  • Non complexity of the art gives freedome to be creative with its use
  • Create packs of merch or related products in a theme using graphics available as a bundle and by the same artist.
  • Cheaper than the usuall vector illustrations they are a best alternative giving you access to same Style of work by the artist.


Finding Free Clipart Images

Google suggest the top searches that are really very simple cat clipart, woman clipart, flower cliparts, black and white cliparts so when it comes to finding cliparts there are many many searches that are popping up!

Slowly it is become a much saturated market but still my suggestion is to find an artist behind the image and stick to him/her for same style of images this will give your final project the branding aesthetics and consistency of your brand

Popular Clipart Sources

  • Etsy
  • Creative Market
  • Creative Fabrica
  • ArtFire
  • Freepik
  • DesignBundles

Using Free Clipart Images

Editing and Manipulating Clipart

  • Clipart images can be edited and manipulated using photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop.
  • Clipart images can be resized, recolored, and altered to fit the desired design.
  • Clipart images can be combined with other images to create unique visuals.

Combining Clipart Images

  • Clipart images can be combined with other images to create unique visuals.
  • Clipart images can be combined with text or other clipart images to create a composition.
  • Clipart images can be combined with photographs to create a unique image.


  • Clipart images are a great way to add visual interest to any project.
  • Free clipart images are easily accessible and can be used for personal and commercial projects.
  • Clipart images can be edited and manipulated to create unique visuals.
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