Pinterest Top Picks: Most Pinned and Popular Vector and illustrator Tutorials

Pinterest Top Picks: Most Pinned and Popular Vector and illustrator Tutorials

Pinterest is said to be gaining more popularity with Crafter or Creative minds .

Just recently trend of Artists pinning boards for their inspiration has started to pop up.

I have found Pinterest to be a very useful tool for information sharing .

As for Graphic Artists and Designers seeking inspiration , i am yet to see a MORE PINNING trend . Anyhow i have created a board with some of the Most Pinned and Popular Vector and illustrator Tutorials.

I will find tutorials with more than atleast 10 pins already to be on this board. You can follow the board or check back this page often to get the latest of trending tutorials. Check it out…



My Top 5 free vector illustrations and resources downloads

My Top 5 free vector illustrations and resources downloads

Time for a review of my website , some of the free downloads are just hitting ceilings , and if you have been missing these , now is your time to grab them.

Here is a list of top 5 free vector resources downloads from Aivault blog. Check them out and thanks for loving these.

Drips and splatters Vector Symbols Library

24 drips and spray symbols library

9046 Downloads and still counting


Free illustration Friday : Rope Brushes

Rope Brushes

3319 Downloads and still counting


34 Cool Pencil Shading Sketch Doodles!

34 Cool Pencil Shading Sketch Doodles!

34 Cool Pencil Shading Sketch Doodles!

3138 Downloads and still counting


Pretty Paisleys Vector Pack


Pretty Paisleys Vector Pack

2530 Downloads and still counting


Scare me little monster doodles

Scare me little monster doodles

2353 Downloads and still counting

10 Plus Color inspiration links to follow

10 Plus Color inspiration links to follow

Color Recipes

With food as your inspiration, you have all the RIGHT color choices served up for you from soup to nuts or should I say from foyer to kitchen and everything in between!

a unique approach to design blogging through my passion for color.

COLOURlovers is a creative community where people from around the world create
and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful
articles… All in the spirit of love.


This blog is all about celebrating the tiny details that make life so amazing and looking to find beauty in the unexpected

Founded in 2008, The Perfect Palette is a blog dedicated to exploring the color palette possibilities for weddings and parties as well as a place to find fun and creative wedding ideas! From inspiration boards, to color tips, The Perfect Palette is all about sharing ways that color can be used to bring creative party planning ideas to life.

Color inspiration Pinterest Boards to follow

Need some design inspiration? Come enjoy my Mood boards, they’ll help you capture a look.



Color Inspiration


Keboto – Branded Colors


{Freelance Freedom } 7 websites to sell your graphic designs and illustrations

{Freelance Freedom } 7 websites to sell your graphic designs and illustrations

I believe that every designer , graphics or illustration , painter or draftsman needs to spread their work . Everyone has a desire to get acknowledged and be praised. For an Artist when someone appreciates your work by deciding to purchase it , in my opinion , is another praise well received.

Knowing that someone owns your artwork , taking some special place in someones home or life is just such a wonderful happy thought for me . Knowing that someone purchased your artwork to gift someone is another big big praise of your work . I love it when i receive another sale mail in my mailbox . Everyone wants some extra income , but for me it is a little note of love that someone liked your work so much to share it with someone special in their lives OR to use it as part of their life.

There are many websites out there through which you can take baby steps towards the tower of licensing your art to big companies for bigger projects.

There are  also many website providing  printing services  which you can also avail to get a great deal on if deciding to have your items printed and sell a physical item .

i get asked often that how can i further branch out and start selling my work , So i thought i will share with you some website from where you can start.

Here are few of them

Lovely website and lovely collection of Artistic cards , Card Gnome just recently started and after their successful launch said goodbye to many artists as well in order to keep quality work online . A nice start to sell your designs.

I love the diversity of product options you have here , you can even have multiple stores which link up to one account making it easy to start a store selling a specific line of products , and creating and selling more products using the same images through another store linked to the same account , pretty neat ! For me i started with Printmeaparty and then Asmaamurad , and very quickly became a pro seller!.

I did make an account here , site looks friendly and very similar to zazzle but didnt continue posting my work there. Here as well you can create products and sell.

A very creative community of artist including but not limited to craft of every kind , sewing , knitting , art , art prints you name it !

Another one of my favourite venture , Etsy is a pretty nice site to sell your physical as well as digital products . For me my illustration and graphics store has been well taken and doing very good.

Another site similar to Etsy and Artfire , you will find product of every kind , you can choose to sell digital or physical products , this one is better than Etsy or Artfire as the Digital file delivery is automated .

Still needs some exploration from my side , as of actually using it for selling but the site looks promissing if you are interested in selling your artwork on cards and expression line.

Do you know or use any of the above mentioned services? if yes how are your returns and expectations?

Bookmark These! :Roundup Coloring and Line work tutorials

Bookmark These! :Roundup Coloring and Line work tutorials

Recolor Artwork in Adobe Illustrator CS5 – Screencast

This tutorial on the Recolor Artwork dialogue box will drastically increase your ability to experiment with color and to try a variety of new color schemes quickly. In this tutorial we will cover the basics of Swatches and Color Guide and how they can be used in conjunction with the Recolor Artwork feature.


Vector Drawing with a Graphic Tablet (Part 2 – Coloring)

There are several ways to color vector images. Here  the most common of them are described and the tools that are used in this process. All these methods are used by professional illustrators.

My Process of Coloring illustrations using mesh and knife tool

Since my aim here is just to share with you the process of coloring i will not be going much further in the details of drawing process but i will just elaborate my drawing a bit. I start by creating a sketch , then keeping it in front of me as a reference i turn to Flash . And start working with basic shapes circles and lines

A complete guide to drawing evil vector skulls.

This tutorial will show you how to draw evil skulls easily, as well as learn a bit of anatomy along the way. So let’s draw some really evil and nasty skulls – the right way!

Revealing vector inking methods

Inking in Adobe Illustrator is usually performed with the help of different brushes . The problem is not in the brushes settings, but in the method of inking. this tutorial tells you about one of these methods.

Coloring and Line Work in Illustrator CS5



Do a search on “coloring comics,” and you get dozens of Photoshop tutorials. They all seem to involve building up areas of color with transparent brushes. Now you can achieve that same effect with Illustrator CS5, using the Bristle Brush.  this is all explained through this tutorial.


Line Art Brushes

Here is a set of simple line art brushes that i use regulerly . This is like your pencils set when you are sketching :) . The download link is at the end of the post.

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