**All images high resolution (300 dpi), so you can make them bigger or smaller and they will still look crisp and clear. All images are PNG files so they can easily be layered into your resources**

Using Complexity Vector Brushes for illustrator
Load the vector brushes by clicking on “open brush library” within illustrator
Draw a circle or a square or a line using paintbrush or pencil tool
Select the vector brush you will like to use and adjust stroke width change the color as you like .
PS: you can expand the design later and scale it to any size without loosing the LOOK of your final outcome

compatible with CS2 or above


Unzip the File. for installing symbols click on the small arrow icon attached to your symbols pallett Select open symbol library browse to your file and open . Same way you can open brushes library.

With the help of these Abstract Line Vector Brushes, Create so many artistic backgrounds and wallpapers or aid to your design projects . complexity vector illustrator brush sets give you plenty of option to use either as scatter brush or to any kind of shape , circle , square or a simple line. Play around with the vector brush stroke width to achieve different results every time you use them.

Expand the final result by going to object > Expand appearance to be able to scale it to any size without losing quality or effect
The possibilities of creating images is endless , keep a look out for complexity 2 as well . you can download free sample of the brushes to play around and see the quality of work you can create with it!
Preview Brush Set | Download Sample FREE|


windows icon2 Abstract Lines Vector Brushes for illustrator COMPLEXITYcompatible with CS2 or above
Unzip the File. Copy the file to your Illustrator > Presets > Brushes folder.
Restart Illustrator.


Abstract Lines Vector Brushes for illustrator COMPLEXITY



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