**All images high resolution (300 dpi), so you can make them bigger or smaller and they will still look crisp and clear. All images are PNG files so they can easily be layered into your resources**

Vector Paint Brushes is a basic set of painting brushes good for beginners or starters so you can try these out in your vector paintings and art. Follow the instructions to install and if you need help check out the related articles on usage and tutorials.

To install > open brush pallet
go to options > open brush library > other library
browse to file and load.

+ To use this product knowledge of vector brushes is required but you can always learn to use them ! +

These are created with original hand drawn drawings then created in illustrator and converted into vector brushes. Great for scrap booking , digital designs creating greetings and much more!

This price comes with commercial use license no credit back necessary if you would like to learn more about how to use vector brushes visit my blog www.aivault.com

Product Detail

Set: 36 brushes view images for more info includes EPS 8 file making it usable with eps 8 and above

Installation instructions:

Assuming that no Brush palette is open in Adobe illustrator . Go to Window>Brushes (short cut F5)

Click on the small arrow on the window panel of Brushes Open Brush Library Other Library to browse to a new brush file or the brush set already loaded.

Help & Tutorials for using brushes





Each item was hand drawn by myself. These are original copyrighted . ALL rights held by me.


Brushes: Artistic Strokes Free Download



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