7 Confetti Buntings Vector brushes for illustrator



This is an illustrator brushes library includes 7 banner symbols 7 vector brushes apply on circles to make circular frames , reduce stroke to get more detail. Scatter symbols included to create confetti . Commercial use ok

UPDATED! 05/03/15 Now Includes library of 14 valentine pink floral and hearts scatter brushes library! SEE IMAGE 3 for included bonus

WHATS INCLUDED: 1 Illustrator CS4 file containing 7 Buntings decoration pattern vector brushes & vector Scatter brushes library 1 Illustrator 8 EPS file containing 7 Bunting decoration pattern vector brushes & vector Scatter brushes library bonus!: 7 bunting banner illustrator vector symbols.

Read more about brushes and help http://bit.ly/1cPoOCc

Are you Familiar with Vector brushes ?.

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Tip #1 Changing appearance of Scatter Brushes
Tip #2  Changing Appearance of Brushes (Reverse)
Tip #3  How to make funky illustrative backgrounds and flourishes using  brushes
Tip # 4 How to Use brushes , how to install brushes

These Buntings and Confetti Vector Brushes for illustrator comes with a commercial use license .OK FOR COMMERCIAL USE !

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