**All images high resolution (300 dpi), so you can make them bigger or smaller and they will still look crisp and clear. All images are PNG files so they can easily be layered into your resources**

This is an illustrator brushes library includes 7 banner symbols 7 vector brushes apply on circles to make circular frames , reduce stroke to get more detail. Scatter symbols included to create confetti . Commercial use ok

UPDATED! 05/03/15 Now Includes library of 14 valentine pink floral and hearts scatter brushes library! SEE IMAGE 3 for included bonus

WHATS INCLUDED: 1 Illustrator CS4 file containing 7 Buntings decoration pattern vector brushes & vector Scatter brushes library 1 Illustrator 8 EPS file containing 7 Bunting decoration pattern vector brushes & vector Scatter brushes library bonus!: 7 bunting banner illustrator vector symbols.

Read more about brushes and help http://bit.ly/1cPoOCc

Are you Familiar with Vector brushes ?.

Got any Questions?.

Tip #1 Changing appearance of Scatter Brushes
Tip #2  Changing Appearance of Brushes (Reverse)
Tip #3  How to make funky illustrative backgrounds and flourishes using  brushes
Tip # 4 How to Use brushes , how to install brushes

These Buntings and Confetti Vector Brushes for illustrator comes with a commercial use license .OK FOR COMMERCIAL USE !

7 Confetti Buntings Vector brushes for illustrator



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