illustrator Tutorials : How to Create a corporate background using Brushes for illustrator

Creating backgrounds which are effective is an essential part of the process of creating good designs .Here we will create a background which you can use for multiple projects in the end , ie background for presentations , for websites or simply an ad. This is a simple tutorial showing step by step how to create one using tools such as Pen tool , brushes and a simple Arc Effect.

Step 1

Creating background

Start off by creating a simple gradient background Here is the Theme of colours we will follow


It is always a good idea to have it clear in your mind what theme you are going to follow . I use often use to help me in this process.


Step 2

Drawing Bleded lines

Using the pen tool draw two white stroke Lines having no fill.

Go to Object> Blend> Blend options

Adjust your blending options to some specified steps , something like this.

Hit Alt+Ctrl+B ie Object>Blend>Make

Create in the same way two more lines using Pen Tool (P) and using Object> Blend > make

Since your lines are all placed up now will be a good idea to play around with the nodes ( click on the End of start of your original line) adjust handle and stroke to get a better effect and curve in the lines. Here is my final result which i am happy with

illustrator Tutorial how to create a business vector graphics background


Step 3

Elements Build up

Now we need to bring some elements into it . I brought This worldmap from my library and pasted it on the workboard

Right Click > Arrange> Bring to Front

Using a colour coinciding with the theme of your work colour the map accordingly

Step 4

Using Effects

I will use some effect to modify this map a bit

Go to Effects> ARC

Apply the effects you will get something like this

Step 5

Creating Arrows using Brushes

create some more random lines using the pen tool

open up your brush pallete Window> Brush Libraries > Arrows Standard

Select all your random lines and pick out an arrow brush and apply

Select each line one by one adjust stroke and width until you are satisfied with the outcome go to object>Expand your lines and drop a gradient shade to it , here i picked up from my colour pallete white and grey.

Step 6

Refining and Balancing

I am not too happy with the background at this point so i will add up a few more shapes .

And more

fill them up with the same gradient colour lighter than your background’s adjust transparencies until you are satisfied with the final outcome!

Here is the result.

Free Halloween Party invitation Template , cliparts and digital papers

I have just posted some free halloween party invitations  on Print me a Party Blog and headed over here to share with you some more extra cool free halloween stuff ! . If you are following PMP blog so just ignore the part that i am copy pasting over here (a bit lazy today i must add ).

Halloween is just around the corner and i have been busy creating lots of new graphics , but haven’t had a chance to post them to the store yet . Witches , cauldron , magic and much much more . Hopefully slow and steady i will be able to post all of these contents. But i am here to offer some freebies to my blog readers.

Who wouldn’t like to send out a Halloween party invitation that is fun , i am adding some free Halloween Clip arts Vector EPS File is included , as well as free Halloween digital papers and backgrounds for websites and design that you can use , craft new Halloween projects this holiday. AND to add to all the fun , why not decorate your blogs with some free Halloween blog buttons! , yes i am adding them here too . So be sure to check out all the free goodies to create awesome looking Halloween party !.

Free Halloween Party invitations templates

Free Halloween Clip arts

Free Halloween Digital papers

Free Halloween Blog buttons

Click on the image above to view more clip arts for Halloween or click below to download the free Halloween clip arts , vector eps file included

[download id=”98″]

Author:Asmaa’ Murad
Web site:Aifactory Graphics
Software: Adobe illustrator
Category: Vector Eps Files
Terms of use: Show Info
File Format: [download id=”98″ format=”13″] & Pngs JPGs
Description:[download id=”98″ format=”4″]
Free for Personal and Commercial Use

This is a vector file you will require a vector editing software to edit and open the file in

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Free Textures Samples : Digital papers , backgrounds for websites or overleys!

[private]Time for another freebie! yes this time i have this beautiful rich textured digital backgrounds , these are finished artworks which you can simply drag and drop into your designs to create stunning end products . Drag them in  your project and create rustic overlays to the final design products.

The Digital papers are created on a 3600 px at 300 dpi , pretty pretty large artboard and are high resolution files! (more…)

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