Retro : IDTool Box

Retro : IDTool Box



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After successful release and great responce of my previous brush packs Releasing Our New Product ID Tool Box …What exactly is an IDtool box? it is simply Illustrator Designer Tool box . Each tool box may consist of symbols , brushes , swatches of the same theme . So once you open up these tool box sets you are ready to go and create something of the same theme! . Once you are finished creating your artwork . Expand the final result by going to object > Expand appearence to be able to scale it to anysize without losing quality or effect or drag and drop symbols or brushes
expand and paste into photoshop.
The possibilities of creating images is endless
The Retro Id Tool box contains.
34 Retro Inspired symbols arrow heads , halftone effects , halftone brushes , 3d symbols and more!
11 Line brushes arrowheads , lines , rows , halftone effects and more!
3 Scatter brushes
All in all 48 Tools in one set!

Designer Tip :-This pack is all exciting for example use half tone brush to stroke you work and have a halftoned outline in a jiffy! you can then expand over a background and create a mask of it to have your customized halftone.
windows_icon2.pngcompatable with CS2 or above
Price:- Only 7.98 USD
Unzip the File. for installing symbols click on the small arrow icon attached to your symbols pallett Select open symbol library browse to your file and open . Same way you can open brushes library.

No longer available through this site

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