Premium Member Freebie : Yummy CupCakes Vector Pack

Premium Member Freebie : Yummy CupCakes Vector Pack

Here is yummy cupcake illustrations set . The set contains 7 mouthwatering cupcakes vector illustrations with yummy vector toppings! yum yum!

The vector pack comes with Hi Res PNG and JPG files to make life easier for you a furthermore :).

Grab a cup of coffee!! have fun!

Download it Here!

PS you must have a premium member account to access this freebie.


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Premium Member Freebie : Yummy CupCakes Vector Pack

Premium Members Freebie

4thjulypreviewset0Here we are again with more freebies for the premium Members! As the arrival of 4th of July . I wanted to post some special freebies for the Premium Members These freebies are from the current themed upload of images to the AiVault Store AiFactory. (more…)

Premium Member Freebie : Yummy CupCakes Vector Pack

Christmas Vector Pack for Premium Members!

Here is a Free Vector pack including 10 Vectors detailed illustrations in the set for the Premium Members!

Not a Premimum Member? You may purchase this post for as low as $3.50



Celebrating AiVault’s Birthday!!

Celebrating AiVault’s Birthday!!

[private]Yes AiVault is one year old!!  And we have decided as part of birthday celebrations to take off all the for sale brush sets and add them to premium members library! These include the following (more…)

Premium Member Freebie : Yummy CupCakes Vector Pack

Paint Strokes

Adding to the Premium members download this is a cool collection of paintstroke brushes set , include oil strokes , crayon and thick paint effects. (more…)

Premium Member Freebie : Yummy CupCakes Vector Pack

Ornate Easter Eggs illustration

Ah maybe it is time for Halloween images something scary and hmmm not so ornate …but while searching for something i found this in my hard-drive free for members to download! A set of ornate Easter eggs in a row. (more…)

Premium Member Freebie : Yummy CupCakes Vector Pack

24/24 Icons Set

This is a set which i came up with while recently working . Containing

5 buttons in a bar  , there are 4 bar colour variations .So  20 iconic buttons over bars also included are 4 bar buttons (more…)

Premium Member Freebie : Yummy CupCakes Vector Pack

How to Create Floral Swirls and flourishes in illustrator using Floral vector brushes


Flourishes in illustrator

How to create vector brushes illustrator ?

I used to think that how on earth designers make so intricate flower designs and invitations . UNTIL! I found the answer ” they used vector brushes!! ” the answer was vector brushes illustrator

There had been a trend of creating flourish which started around 2008 , that was when I started playing around with illustrator brushes and created many of them. Including the one that I am going to share with you here. Previously I have shared Free illustrator brushes with you but today I wanted to share with you how I actually create floral designs .

So what is my secret tool?

Vector brushes for illustrator

Vector brushes for illustrator

I have created a set of floral brushes for illustrator for my own ease of use and these had been greatly helpful in creating many designs . They have helped me create so many versions of floral branches and creating wedding invitations and more.


Want to see this vector brushes set in action?

Interested? you can get these floral brushes from my store right here.

[shopify embed_type=”product” shop=”” product_handle=”floral-vector-brushes” show=”all”]

What is included?

original artwork eps file
set of brushes to create these flowers .
scatter brushes of the flowers in the preview artwork.

Very easy to use and create unlimited variations .

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